Thursday, September 21, 2017

Grateful and Thankful to Him - Inspirational Story as a Parent

As our new Hijrah year approaching with too many tests, sadness, cruelty and negativity happening, I reminded myself to always believe and trust in Allah’s Plans. 

No matter how painful it seems to be.

And to be grateful and thankful to Him.

‘.... If you are grateful, I will give more..

Which of Allah’s blessings, do you deny...’;

are amongst words I remind myself constantly.

So I train my mind to look at the simplest things and be grateful for it.

Like the simple story below..

Tariq learns something new.

Tariq’s Baba come home from work and sits with him on the small kid chair.

Tariq excitedly shows his Baba what he is learning at that time.

Tariq’s Baba is happy to see his son’s tiny steps progress.

And gives Tariq a well-done-Baba-proud-of-your-effort hug.

Tariq’s Mama smiles to see the special moment father-son bond forming.

And thank Allah profusely for His many blessings.

The end.

Baba being a Maths buff is so delighted!

Tariq just learn what a cone looks like. He just realized that the ice cream cone’s cone is a cone shape! Hahaha

Tariq showing off his deeper understanding of the word ‘before’, ‘after’ and ‘between’ using Mathematics to Baba.

And give Tariq a hug and a well done pat on his shoulder.

Monday, September 11, 2017

A+ for Effort is the Actual Prize - Inspirational Story as a Parent

Last weekend was a such memorable weekend for Tariq.

We travelled to Singapore for Tariq's very first Singapore Swimming Club Invitational Midget Meet.

It is called Midget Meet😄 because this competition is meant for kids 9 years old and below.

There were 3 countries participating - Singapore, Malaysia and Philippines.

Tariq together with his Abang Zidane who is a 9 year old, registered for both backstroke and freestyle events.

And during this exciting weekend, Tariq swam his hardest and..

He received his very first Silver Bracelet for his 2nd place in the Backstroke 25meter Event Heat 1 for 6 years old and under!!😍🌟🌟

And the Gold Bracelet recipient was just one second faster than Tariq!

On top of that, Tariq broke his own personal best time record for both the events he was competing in.

His previous best time backstroke 25meter was 1min 10 seconds. 

And his new personal best time for 25m Backstroke is now down to 47.81 seconds! 

Tariq was literally 22.19 seconds faster!


We were jumping up and down so happy when we saw his new timing. 

It was so unbelievable, alhamdulillah!!

And for freestyle, his previous best was 1 min and his unofficial time was about 44 seconds. We are still waiting for the official time from the organizer.

(Update at 1.25pm, we just received an email from organizer. ****Tariq's official time for his 25m Freestyle is 39.74 seconds!! A 20.26 seconds faster than his previous best record. We are beyond happy, alhamdulillah!!)😍🌟🌟🌟

Abang Zidane also received a Silver Bracelet for his Freestyle 25m for 9 year old, mashaAllah!

Well done Tariq and Zidane!! 😘🌟👏🏻💪🏻💖😍

You both make us all so so proud.🌟🌟🌟

As Tariq's parents, me and his Baba are very clear on our goal.

Winning medals is an awesome result. No doubt.

But the most important thing for us actually is the training of discipline, focus, dedication, confidence, determination, continuous improvement and persistency that Tariq receives before his medal.

Now, that is Tariq's actual prize! 😘😘😘

So swim on our little champion! We give you an A+ for your effort! Bravo!! 💪🏻🌟😘💖🌟🌟🌟
One for the family picture! This is the first time Baba Hamid Sain sees Tariq swim! 😍😍
Baba was beaming with pride the whole time!

Abang Zidane cheered and waited for Tariq right at the end of the pool and terus give a brief of Tariq's backstroke performace! 😂😍

Keluar from pool right after his freestyle event, Coach Irene said well done and Tariq terus say he is hungry! Haha..
Coach Irene Hisham

I captured this perfect technical backstroke from Tariq!😍
Tariq's thumb on top, palm facing inside as Tariq's hand coming out of water..
Coach Irene Hisham

Coach Irene Hisham as always.. giving Tariq advice and reminder for his events💗

With beautiful Coach Irene Hisham and dashing Coach Abie!
Tariq wanted to mimic the Olympians biting their medals tapi salah hold his so now he looks like he is wearing braces instead! Lol

Perfect backstroke ending, Tariq!

Happy Champions- Zidane and Tariq with Coach Abie!😍

Yes, you can do it, Tariq!
We took this picture one day before Tariq event at the pool

Tariq's hands are straight mid way, upper arms touches Tariq's ears then Tariq's turns his palm facing out as his hand goes back into the water..

Just arrived at Singapore Swimming Club at 7am on competition day

Tariq going back and forth eagerly checking the white board to see if organiser already called for his event

In the second VIP holding room, kids get to watch a few minutes of cartoon before they are called up for their event... maybe to help calm down their nerves..

Tariq listening to some last minute words of advice from Coach Abie💗

Tariq so happy showing off his Silver Bracelet for second place 25m Backstroke Heat 1!
He even broke his own personal best time record.
It was 1min 10seconds and his new record now is 47.81secs!!👏🏻👏🏻

Tariq in the first holding room, waiting to be transferred to the VIP Second Holding Room
And Tariq found a new friend from Singapore and they started chatting.. wonder what they chat about..

Posing with their Silver Bracelet!
Both Tariq and Abang Zidane got second place in their heat! Well done, little champions!! 😍

Tariq getting ready for his freestyle 25m event

Tariq and Zidane in their March Pass before the event.

And Tariq pinky finger clearly at the most bottom ready to touch the water..
Awesome techniques, Tariq!

Tariq with the dedicated Coach Abie 💗

Steady Tariq.. walking to the pool for his event..

Tariq's event is being called to the pool and off he went.. good luck Tariq!!
He looked so focused!

Tariq taking his place for his backstroke event

Tariq's very first Silver Bracelet.
Excellent Swim! Congrats my darling. Mama Baba so proud of you. A+ for your effort!

On your mark..

Friday, September 01, 2017

Solatul Eid Aidil Adha!

After Solatul Eid Aidil Adha 1438H/2017.

Allah is great, Allah is great, Allah is great, There is no god but Allah

Allah is great, Allah is great, and praise is due to Him.

Allah is great, Allah is great, Allah is great, There is no god but Allah..

Saturday, August 26, 2017

Entering Big Boys School! - Inspirational Story as a Parent

Since Day 1, I believe in letting Tariq live his life as how a child should.

So the last 6 years was just loads and loads of super fun, alhamdulillah!

It is all about exploring, playing, being curious, happy, developing good manners, God consciousness, having confidence, learning responsibility, enjoying himself, loving books, respecting others, caring for the younger ones and elders, be a good friend, be helpful, caring for the animals and environment, learning empathy, being charitable, asking questions and all this kind of sorts.

I never cared that he doesn't know how to read then. 

Not important. 

What is importance is love for books.

Because I believe that anyone can learn how to read in 3 months.

But love for books and knowledge, that, we must cultivate from young.

And now, time is ripe to take up a notch.

Especially when Tariq's Primary One assessment is just around the corner.

Next year Tariq will be entering Big Boys School! 

Primary One. Standard One. (Sob, sob.. no more cute little concerts..)

So, my little Tariq, time to learn how to read those words from the books you make Mama and Baba read for you every single night!

I know phonics can be challenging AND confusing at times.

But inshaAllah, Mama knows you can do it, babeh!!💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Thursday, August 10, 2017

Kids really do say the darndest thing! - Inspirational Story as a Parent

That day, Tariq suddenly developed a rash. It was a bit itchy and Tariq's skin became slightly reddish. 

Immediately I reached for my T3 Oil from my handbag.

Earlier this year, I was introduced to a company that has more than 350 safe, affordable and more importantly- mostly chemical free products, mashaAllah. 

Since then, slowly I change all our household, skincare, toiletries etc to this company.

And their Melaleuca T3 Oil is amongst their best home remedies from their Medicine Cabinet range.

So I quickly pour a few drops of the T3 Oil and rub on Tariq's rash.

Mama.., why Mama use T3 Oil to rub on Tariq's rash..., asked Tariq

Well sayang.., T3 Oil has anti-bacteria properties. It means that it will help kill all the bacteria on Tariq's skin when Mama use it. It is the bacteria that makes Tariq's skin itchy. So when T3 Oil kills the bacteria, inshaAllah the itch will go away..., I explained to Tariq carefully.

Then suddenly, his eyes twinkled and he has a big grin on his face.

With his pointing finger up, Tariq said excitedly., 

Ohh..! Mama..! Mama..! Tariq know.. Tariq know..!

Know what sayang..? I asked Tariq

When Mama put the T3 Oil on the rash, the T3 Oil will kill the bacteria right..? So when all the bacteria killed already, then the goodteria will come..!

It took me 2 seconds to process what Tariq just said before I burst out laughing!


It never occurred to me!

That my T3 Oil will kill all 'Bad'-teria and after that, all the 'Good'-teria will come... 


Kids really do say the darndest thing! 🤣💗

Monday, August 07, 2017

Keeping Promises - Inspirational Story as a Parent

Last week Friday, Tariq asked me,

Mama..., can Tariq watch movies tomorrow after swimming class in the morning..?

It depends sayang... If you focus during training... kick properly... listens to Coach.. dont golek2 rolling around like a dolphin in the middle of the pool.. then Mama will let you watch DVDs after your swimming class.., I said to Tariq

Okay Mama... Tariq promised! He answered me cheerfully.

True enough, Tariq kept to his words during the whole training. He was kicking strong, his butterfly strokes were better, his freestyle strokes were faster and he did more laps than usual. 

So the moment he got into the car after his class, I said to Tariq,

MashaAllah.., you were awesome today Tariq! Macam nie la Mama happy! 

See Mama... kan Tariq promised just now... Tariq say Tariq will kick fast so Tariq pun kick fast... Tariq promised so Tariq do... just like Prophet Muhammad kan Mama... when Prophet promised.. he always do... so Mama.... Can Tariq watch movies now...? said Tariq's while grinning from ear to ear.

I immediately burst into laughter.

Cheeky boy! I knew it!

But Alhamdulillah.. 

Fulfilling promises is something that I drilled into Tariq from the very beginning. 

I love to tell him stories about how Prophet Muhammad fulfill all his promises.

We must be like Prophet Muhammad okay Tariq.. when we promise.. we must fulfill.., I always tell Tariq.

So, whatever I promised him, I will take the task to do it. 

Like if I promised him toys, I will give him the promised toys. But if I promise him punishment, he will get exactly that punishment too. It goes both ways.

And as he grows, he learn that when he promise me, he too must fulfill his promise. 

It takes a lot of patience, back and forth and explanations but over the years, Tariq began to understand that promises are not made to be broken. 

Like the Arab proverb says,

A promise is a cloud; fulfillment is the rain..

So, thanks for giving Mama your promised 'rain' sayang.. 

And here is my promised 'rain' for you.. the ticket to watch whatever movies you want for the whole Saturday morning! 


Alhamdulillah! 😍