Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Allowing Children to ask Questions - Inspirational Story as a Parent

Since the first time Tariq question me about the science video he watched showing human are from monkeys, we have always taught Tariq to question everything that is not consistent with the Quran and what we teach him..

So when that day Tariq asked me,

Mama.., is Stone Age real..?... I knew he has doubt.

And I could guess where that doubt come from.

So I took a deep breathe and said..,

Well Tariq.., Mama not really 100% sure if Stone Age exist.. maybe it does... from the tools they found etc..

But Mama doesnt believe that was how human look like during that time..

For example, Mama doesnt believe human just wear small patches of clothes, looking semi naked, messy and dirty etc etc

Yes Tariq too!, said Tariq excitedly

Tariq think... how can human look like that because Prophet Adam teaches all his children to pray..

... and when they pray they surely take wudhu so they must be clean... and surely they cover their aurah when they pray.. so they cannot wear like that..

Right kan, Mama..?

And just like that, Tariq made me feel so wonderful inside..

That he is thinking.. and yes he is questioning.. alhamdulillah!💖💖💖

Sunday, May 27, 2018

Training In Ramadan - Inspirational Story as a Parent

I am so happy and grateful.

Exactly on the 7th day of Ramadhan, Tariq achieved his aim to fast the full day, alhamdulillah!!😍😍🌟

He broke his fast at 7.17pm, upon the Azan of Maghrib prayers!

It all started on Wednesday when his Brainy Bunch Tae-Kwando teacher, Master Muhammad Naim Abdullah challenged Tariq to fast till 6.30pm. At that time he was fasting up to 6pm only.

And his master said he will call Tariq after Maghrib to check on him.

Upon reaching 6.30pm, I asked Tariq if he can just wait a little bit more till Maghrib time.

He said yes but with the promise that I let him eat ice cream when he break his fast!

The last 20 minutes proves to be the most difficult time for Tariq.

He was just laying on the carpet. Barely moving. Barely say a word.

Then Tariq took my phone, click in the Azan Apps and watched the seconds of countdown to Azan Maghrib!

I know that must be pure torture for him..

The time wont move faster, sayang, no matter how fiercely you stare at Mama’s phone.., I told Tariq
But Tariq eyes were fixed and he kept on staring..and staring.. and staring...

Till the very last second..

And the Azan Maghrib that day feels like a celebration of a 6+ year old boy in controlling his mind!!


Thank you Master Naim for the much needed push!

And right after that, Tariq strike a new deal with me.

One day full day of fasting, One day halfday of fasting.

Haha. Okay la sayang. Mama give chance to you.


Tariq, if your eyes have laser, Mama’s phone would have by now shattered into pieces already!
The much awaited duaa makan..
Tick tock tick tock... at the dinner table still staring at Mama’s phone..
Earlier on Mama asked Tariq to go up and take something... you crawled your way up... hahaha
For a hungry boy, he just needed his rice and a bit of lauk.. simple mashaAllah..
Done Iftar... Oh now you can smile... hahaha

Sunday, May 20, 2018

Ramadhan is a Month of Training - Inspirational Story as a Parent

First day of Ramadhan, I picked Tariq up from school at 5.10pm.

The moment he saw me, the drama starts.

Tariq asked if he can break his fast and drink water.

Why sayang... it is just less than 2 hours before Maghrib time.., I tried to persuade Tariq.

All of a sudden, he burst into tears.

Tariq, be strong sayang... sekejap je lagi... just a bit more...think about the poor people who dont have water..., I said.

And before I could finished my sentence, Tariq say in the saddest voice while still sobbing...,

...But Mama... Tariq is not poor... Tariq got water...., he said while lifting up his water bottle to me.

OmG! He missed my point! Lol!!

To cut the story short, we strike a win-win deal.

Tariq can break his fast today at 5.15pm but tomorrow he must fast until 5.30pm.

And we will add 15 mins extra everytime till he could do a full day fasting until Maghrib time, inshaAllah!

Mama Baba are so proud of you, sayang..

You put in the effort. That is most important thing.

And the fact that you asked permission to break your fast, it means you didn’t cheat in your fasting too, alhamdulillah!

Remember that Ramadhan is a month of training.

We train how to control our desires, our mind, our emotions and ourselves.

We learn that we can dictate our brain and body and not the other way around.

Although it may seem so hard at first, know that it will get easier sooner than later as long as you keep practicing, inshaAllah!

Tariq crying so sad asking permission to break his fast... so when I gave permission, he gobbled up the water in one breathe!
Tariq’s first sahur.. wakey wakey up sleepy eyes!

Our first Solat Taraweekh together💖

Tuesday, May 08, 2018

When Voting, Choose Wisely - Inspirational Story as a Parent


Dear Tariq,

Remember today, sayang. We balik kampung so Mama can cast my vote tomorrow at my hometown, inshaAllah.

Besides efforts like duaa and prayers, this is something Mama can do tomorrow in hope for a better Malaysia for you and your friends, inshaAllah.

Although Mama’s area has been gerrymandered, Mama knows Allah is the Best Planner.

Everyone can plan, but His Plan is the Best.

Mama so happy that your amazing school decided to close today so we can all travel comfortably to exercise our rights.

And in our case, you get to accompany Mama! Thank you CEO Mohd Fadzil Hashim and Brainy Bunch!!💖

Bear in mind sayang, that groups of people come and go, parties changes and come and go, individuals come and go...

So when it is your turn to vote in the future, choose wisely.

Choose those who are relevant to you and your people during your time. Not those who are stuck in the yesteryears paradigm of emotions and sentiments. Choose those who can govern. And can govern well. Choose those who can offer justice to everyone. Because Islam is just. Choose those who do not bring fear of Islam to the non-Muslims. Choose those who can bring people together united. And choose those who build bridges amongst all His Creations. Because our beloved Prophet (SAW) taught us to do so.

Most importantly, always seek and ask Allah for His Guidance.

Love always,
8th May 2018

Friday, April 20, 2018

Good Deeds vs Bad Deeds - Inspirational Story as a Parent

Yesterday on our way back from school, Tariq asked me to share some Prophet stories starting from Prophet Adam as.

So I talked about Prophet Adam’s creation, the angels, the devils, the heaven and the hellfire.
Then came a question..

Mama.., if Tariq do good things this much and then Tariq do bad things this much ... same same amount... can Tariq still enter Paradise?.., asked Tariq with a serious face while his hands gesturing a balance scale..

I paused for a moment and said,

Tariq.., because Allah is Most Kind, Most Forgiving and Most Loving... maybe... just maybe Allah will still let Tariq enter Paradise if you do good things and bad things equally...., I said,

But.., just like in this world, there are small cars, big cars, fast cars, slow cars, cars with cruise, cars with aircond, cars with no aircond, cars with fridge, cars without fridge, cars with open roof and cars without open roof...

Maybe if Tariq can enter Paradise, because Tariq do good and bad deeds the same amount...Tariq will only get a very small and slow car with no aircond.., where as Baba and Mama who do many many good deeds... more than bad deeds.. will get from Allah a super fast car that has cold aircond, big seat, open rooftop, cruise and maybe a car that can fly too!

Noooooo!!!!, screamed Tariq

Okay okay!! Tariq will do more and more good deeds, Mama! Tariq wants a big and fast and flying car too!!

Hahaha. Alhamdulillah!

Tariq, Tariq... you should know by now not to tease Mama that way because Mama will always come and ‘bite’ you back!

Sunday, April 01, 2018

Tariq's First Sports Day - Inspirational Story as a Parent

Yesterday Tariq had his very first Sports Day as a Year One student, alhamdulillah! 

And the Sports Day theme this year was Ancient Civilization! 

Tariq belongs to the Green House and they represents the Viking Civilization and called themselves The Green Vikings! 

Other civilizations were Greek Civilization (Blue House), Chinese Civilization (Red House) and Egypt Civilization (Yellow House). 

How awesome is that?! 

All these years, when Tariq was in kindergarten, he would get a gold medal just for participating. All kids do. 

But this year was different. 

Tariq had to compete for the medals. 

And Tariq’s teachers had brilliantly selected him to compete in the 4 Side Tug-of-War! (Coz Tariq sure cant run fast! ) 

And Tariq has the huge responsibility as the anchor too! 

 Each team had to pull to the side and ring the bell held by a referee at the end of each team. 

So true to the spirit of a Never-Say-Die and Fight-Till-Your-Last-Breath of a Viking Warrior, Tariq and his teammate, Aidan, fought with all their might despite falling down over and over again to win 2 out of the 3 rounds! 

Tariq's winning and final round lasted less than 15 seconds! 

And that landed Tariq and Aidan their first Gold Medal and full points for Green House! 

Alhamdulillah!!The moment Tariq rang the bell, his teachers were so happy! 

One did jump, one hugged both of team immediately, while another carried Tariq on his shoulder and one fanned them with all her might! 

So well done, Tariq and Aidan! Your fighting spirit make us all so proud!! 

And the cherry on the cake was that Tariq’s Green House the Viking Civilization became the Champion for the Brainy Bunch International School Sports Day 2018! 

*Who are you? 
We are the Green Vikings! 
Who are the Green Vikings? 
The King of Sports!! 
What are we gonna do? 
We are going to win no matter what!! 
*The Green House chant 

Generous parents donating to Brainy 
Bunch Foundation during the 
Sports Day! Thank you parents!!💗
Baba, Mama, Tariq and
 Nazeer after Tariq’s win!
Shopping some pre-loved books after his event
Tag team Tariq and Nazeer doing their bit for Brainy Bunch Foundation
Happy Tariq smiling for Uncle Mohd Fadzil Hashim’s camera!😍
Mama’s sandwich board boys!!
Tariq ready with Adam, his team mate to perform for Sports Day opening ceremony
Tariq after his event. A slight pain around his wrist. 
No pain no gain, sayang!
Pull Tariq pull!
Can see the stress on Tariq's face while pulling the rope to his direction.
Tariq doing his close to perfect split!
Thank you, Uncle!
Getting ready for the next round
So garang and fierce all the Vikings!
Tariq took a glimpse to his back moments 
before he rings the victory bell!
All the 4 Sides using their might to 
reach the bell first and win the round!
Tariq is part of Brainy Bunch Taekwando School Team!
The Green Vikings
Happy Aidan with Gold Medal
Tariq’s Uncles and Ustazs massaging Tariq and 
Aidan preparing them for the next round!

Super happy after his event with his beloved
 Zeer who came to cheer him up
Go Go Vikings!!
Massage massage... like a pro wrestle! Hihi
Pull Tariq Pull!!!!
Tariq’s Gold Medal.. 4 Side Tug of War!

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Tariq's first ever Qiyamullail! - Inspirational Story as a Parent

Alhamdulillah, last Friday Tariq attended his first ever Qiyamullail... 

Which also meant that was the first time Tariq slept without me since the day he was born.

Plus, Tariq’s first time sleeping in a tent!

So Naturally, I was a little bit anxious..

Lucky for us parents, Tariq’s school broadcasted the whole affair using Live FB on the school FB page!

Thank you so much Brainy Bunch International Islamic Montessori!! You guys are awesome!!

So there I was peeping tomming my son the whole night watching their solat, tazkirah, zikir, dinner makan dalam talam, islamic lecture talk and of course the Qiyam at 5am itself!

When I picked Tariq up, he was truly happy and immediately told me he wanted to do Qiyam again and again and again!

It was then I knew that the beautiful seed of Qiyam has successfully been planted in Tariq’s memory so Qiyam Standing up for Prayers at night will alway bring great happy feelings in Tariq, alhamdulillah.. inshaAllah Aamiin!

 Tariq with his mattress, pillow and clothing supplies..
Tariq and a few of his classmates
getting ready to go to Islamic Hall
Tariq waving goodbye to Mama just before
entering Islamic Hall for his Qiyam program.
Bye2 Tariq.. Mama misses you already..😭
Happy boy in the morning! Alhamdulillah!
Tariq’s first experience
makan talam according
to Prophetic traditions,
Too many things, is it Tariq?😂😂
Tariq so happy waiting for Maghrib prayers. The children prayed at the school field.
Tariq with friends making zikir while waiting for other students to arrive..
Tariq with his friends
Tariq’s Ustaz captured this
picture just before they started
the Islamic Lecture after Isya’
This is where the children sleeps😍
In the tent under the sky!🌟🌟🌟
Tariq and friends ready to sleep in the tent!
Tariq changed into his
PJs before sleeping in the tent
Very attentive students mashaAllah!
Mama print screen the image from FB Live
Mama captured this image
while on Live FB and screen
shot it! It was right after Fajr
prayers alhamdulillah!
Things to bring..
Tariq’s First Qiyam!