Thursday, August 10, 2017

Kids really do say the darndest thing! - Inspirational Story as a Parent

That day, Tariq suddenly developed a rash. It was a bit itchy and Tariq's skin became slightly reddish. 

Immediately I reached for my T3 Oil from my handbag.

Earlier this year, I was introduced to a company that has more than 350 safe, affordable and more importantly- mostly chemical free products, mashaAllah. 

Since then, slowly I change all our household, skincare, toiletries etc to this company.

And their Melaleuca T3 Oil is amongst their best home remedies from their Medicine Cabinet range.

So I quickly pour a few drops of the T3 Oil and rub on Tariq's rash.

Mama.., why Mama use T3 Oil to rub on Tariq's rash..., asked Tariq

Well sayang.., T3 Oil has anti-bacteria properties. It means that it will help kill all the bacteria on Tariq's skin when Mama use it. It is the bacteria that makes Tariq's skin itchy. So when T3 Oil kills the bacteria, inshaAllah the itch will go away..., I explained to Tariq carefully.

Then suddenly, his eyes twinkled and he has a big grin on his face.

With his pointing finger up, Tariq said excitedly., 

Ohh..! Mama..! Mama..! Tariq know.. Tariq know..!

Know what sayang..? I asked Tariq

When Mama put the T3 Oil on the rash, the T3 Oil will kill the bacteria right..? So when all the bacteria killed already, then the goodteria will come..!

It took me 2 seconds to process what Tariq just said before I burst out laughing!


It never occurred to me!

That my T3 Oil will kill all 'Bad'-teria and after that, all the 'Good'-teria will come... 


Kids really do say the darndest thing! 🤣💗

Monday, August 07, 2017

Keeping Promises - Inspirational Story as a Parent

Last week Friday, Tariq asked me,

Mama..., can Tariq watch movies tomorrow after swimming class in the morning..?

It depends sayang... If you focus during training... kick properly... listens to Coach.. dont golek2 rolling around like a dolphin in the middle of the pool.. then Mama will let you watch DVDs after your swimming class.., I said to Tariq

Okay Mama... Tariq promised! He answered me cheerfully.

True enough, Tariq kept to his words during the whole training. He was kicking strong, his butterfly strokes were better, his freestyle strokes were faster and he did more laps than usual. 

So the moment he got into the car after his class, I said to Tariq,

MashaAllah.., you were awesome today Tariq! Macam nie la Mama happy! 

See Mama... kan Tariq promised just now... Tariq say Tariq will kick fast so Tariq pun kick fast... Tariq promised so Tariq do... just like Prophet Muhammad kan Mama... when Prophet promised.. he always do... so Mama.... Can Tariq watch movies now...? said Tariq's while grinning from ear to ear.

I immediately burst into laughter.

Cheeky boy! I knew it!

But Alhamdulillah.. 

Fulfilling promises is something that I drilled into Tariq from the very beginning. 

I love to tell him stories about how Prophet Muhammad fulfill all his promises.

We must be like Prophet Muhammad okay Tariq.. when we promise.. we must fulfill.., I always tell Tariq.

So, whatever I promised him, I will take the task to do it. 

Like if I promised him toys, I will give him the promised toys. But if I promise him punishment, he will get exactly that punishment too. It goes both ways.

And as he grows, he learn that when he promise me, he too must fulfill his promise. 

It takes a lot of patience, back and forth and explanations but over the years, Tariq began to understand that promises are not made to be broken. 

Like the Arab proverb says,

A promise is a cloud; fulfillment is the rain..

So, thanks for giving Mama your promised 'rain' sayang.. 

And here is my promised 'rain' for you.. the ticket to watch whatever movies you want for the whole Saturday morning! 


Alhamdulillah! 😍

Friday, August 04, 2017

A Mastercard Moment - Inspirational Story as a Parent

I picked Tariq up today at 12noon from his kindy and drove straight to KL for his right brain class. 

But half way there, I started yawning non-stop and needless to say, I knew I had to take a quick nap.

So I detoured into one of the R&R and parked my car. 

Tariq..., Mama need to take a quick siesta okay... coz Mama woke up at 2am today morning... Mama too sleepy now..., I said to Tariq.

Okay Mama..Tariq will play Ultraman with Kakak first..., he answered

So I reclined my car seat and covered my face with the small pillow we always carry in the car.

Gently, Tariq peeped underneath the pillow, giggled slightly and said..,

Comelnya Mama nie (Mama is so cute..)

Then he leaned forward and plant a kiss on my forehead..

OmG... SubhanAllah..

This must be one of my Mastercard moments..

Because the feeling when your son kissed you on your forehead without being asked is...



Friday, July 28, 2017

Children Remember What We Say - Inspirational Story as a Parent

Just now Tariq was enjoying his Toast Butter Bread, chewing the wholemeal bread slowly..

And that is after him eating (also slowly) his half boiled eggs! 

Naturally, like all mummies, I was getting anxious as time is ticking and I dont want Tariq to reach his school late.

Tariq..., quick la sayang. Dont hayal2 dreaming. Eat your food quick. We are getting late..!, I said trying to urge him.

He look at me and said,

Mama..., kan Tariq must chew Tariq's food properly...if not Tariq's tummy must do more work coz Tariq's teeth did not chew food properly...



Masa nie la my own words nak backfire me!! 😭😭😭

Chewwww... cheeeeewwww... chew...cheeeeewwwwww....chewwww....cheeeeeeeewwwwwwww.... adoi...


Friday, July 14, 2017

Blessings from Allah (swt) - Inspirational Story as a Parent

Today morning Tariq was slightly late going to school.

Since he is late and will missed Solat Dhuha at his Kindy Shamiza BrainyBunch Seremban Dua, I decided to practiced Solat Dhuha with him while we drive to his school. 

We pretended as if we are traveling on the plane and praying. 

Once we reached his school, Tariq asked me.., 'Mama happy tak sebab Tariq prays..?'

Of course Mama happy sayang.. because you prayed.. so one day when Mama die, the angels will come to Mama's grave and bring gift from Tariq.. the angels say to Mama..this is from your son Tariq.. he prays just now so Allah wants to give you reward because Tariq prays.. so even when Mama is in the grave Mama knows Tariq is a good boy and prays..., I said to Tariq.

Immediately Tariq hugged and kissed me.

Then he said, If Tariq prays ten thousand times..?

Then angels will bring gifts to Mama and Baba ten thousand times too.., I answered Tariq.

What if Tariq becomes old and then die? Who will bring gifts for Mama and Baba..? asked Tariq with a very worried face.

Oh, if like that, it means Tariq will also have your own children inshaAllah. You will teach your children how to pray. Then when your children pray, angels will bring the gifts to Tariq too. And because Mama and Baba teaches Tariq how to pray, the angels will bring the gifts to Mama and Baba too. And because Grandpa and Grandma teaches Mama how to pray, the angels will bring gifts for Grandpa and Grandma too...' I explained to Tariq trying to make him see the beauty of Multi-Level reward Allah has prepared for His Servants.

Immediately Tariq's face brighten up.

Nanti when Tariq has children, many many children (oh my..hihi..), Tariq will teach them how to pray Mama... just like how Mama teaches Tariq how to pray..!, said Tariq smiling away..

And just like that, Tariq has made my morning so beautiful and chirpy... Alhamdulillah..
(*Ya Allah... Please make me and my descendants from those who prays..😍😍)

Monday, July 10, 2017

Tariq's First Money 101 Lesson - Inspirational Story as a Parent

That day Tariq was sitting with his cousins. 

They look so cute sitting in a circle, all counting how much 'Eid money duit raya angpau they managed to collect. 

'Tariq.., look.., Nazeer punya duit raya banyaaaak..(Nazeer got a lot of Eid money..), said his cousin in his cute 6-year old voice and facial expression while showing all the notes he has received.

Tariq looked at his cousin's pool of money for two seconds and then answered,

Duit Tariq laaaaaaagi banyak (Tariq has much more money)....

At this point, my internal siren immediately went berserk and I was ready to 'pounce' on Tariq for saying such a thing.

Then, Nazeer asked.... Ye ke Tariq? Berapa banyak Tariq ada (How much do you have)....?

Banyaaaaak ( A lot).. Dua belas ringgit sembilah puluh sen..(twelve dollars and ninety cents..), answered Tariq happily and chirpily.

Hahaha. Immediately my siren when off.



I never raised Tariq that way so yes, his duit banyaaaak (a lot of money) statement freaks me out.

So later that night, I took some time to give Tariq his very first Money 101 lesson.

Tariq..., the money that we have, we have it because Allah gave us. So, meaning the money belongs to Allah. But Allah gives us so that we can use the money a little bit for ourselves, and the balance we must use to help other people. When we help other people, Allah will love us more and more. Then Allah said because we use the money to help other people, Allah will give us more money so we can help more and more people. That is why, the money we have is not for us to tell others how much we have. Because it is not ours. And Allah give us so we can spend a bit for ourselves and spend a lot to help other people.Do you understand sayang...?, I explained to Tariq carefully.

Yes, Mama... Tariq understands.., Tariq nodded and smiled,

And then he said with a twinkle in his eyes..,

.....So Mama... the little bit money Allah said we can use, can Tariq use the money to buy iPad?


OmG!! My pep talk backfires!!!


Memang anak bertuah.


Wednesday, July 05, 2017

The Importance of History - Inspirational Story as a Parent

Every morning before going to school, I asked Tariq to salam, kiss and hug his Baba before we leave the house.

Today morning, when Tariq wanted to do so, his Baba was watching a Youtube Channel.

Whats that, Baba..? asked Tariq

Baba is watching History Channel. It is about the Ottoman Empire.., answered his Baba 

What is history channel..? curious Tariq asked

And his Baba, a history buff, started explaining to Tariq all the whats and whys we must learn history.

So, now, Baba is watching about the Ottoman Empire. About one very brave Muslim warrior.., said his Baba enthusiastically.

Oh.., Tariq know Tariq know! Like the history of Dinasours kan Baba? Tariq must learn the history of Dinasours. Tariq must learn what happened to the Dinasours, where they live, why they die.., said Tariq eagerly

His Baba too flabbergasted to answer. Lol.

Dinasour pun Dinasour la Tariq..

As long as you got the concept, that is the most important thing.

Tariq scratching his head coz pening pening sikit.... confuse confuse sikit listening to Baba's explanation😅

Enthusiastically so bersemangat Baba explaining importance of history to Tariq

See how both are fixated on the screen?