One of The Act of Obedience : Inspirational Story as a Parent


Mama’s Boy going into the Forest to gain valuable knowledge

That day on the way to Forest School, I told Tariq that me, my brother and sister are going to visit one of his Atok and Tok Mak’s closest friends - Nenda Chah and Tok Mat 🤩

…. Really Mama? But why…? Are they Okay..?, asked Tariq 

… Oh dont worry, they are well sayang… Alhamdulillah… 🥰

…. We are going to see them coz it is one of our responsibilities…❤️

…. Because Prophet Muhammad  SAW said one of the acts of obedience of a child to their parents after their parent’s death is to maintain the relationship with their parents loved ones.., I explained to Tariq

… Oh… that is so nice Mama.., he answered smiling

…Totally sayang…. 🥰

… and there are many ways to maintain ties too….

…. like visiting them, sending text messages from time to time asking how they are, calling them on their phones or sending them gifts etc etc…, I explained to Tariq

So that day,

As me, my brother and sister waited for Aunty Chah and Uncle Mat to arrive, I told my sister that I felt super happy.🥰

The thought of our parents’ happiness upon receiving expansion of their graves and gifts from us made me cry 😭😭😭

As we sat there at the table in Aunty and Uncle’s famous Puteri Restaurant in Sungai Penchala, I feel like I am with my own parents.😍

We ate, laughed, giggled.

They shared many old memories with us.💕

And they depart lots of wisdom about life too.❤️

Thank you Aunty Chah and Uncle Mat for having us that day.🤗

Thank you for the hugs and love.❤️

Thank you for giving us back some beautiful memories of our parents.

Thank you for all the words of advice!

We love you 3000! ❤️❤️❤️

And more.

And to my beloved Tariq.., remember when Mama and Baba are not around anymore..,

Tariq must do your best to stay in touch with Mama and Baba’s loved ones too, okay sayang.., InshaAllah! 🥰

And the Angels will send your good deeds to us and we will be so happy in the grave too, InshaAllah 🥰

And those gifts, sayang…, will be your love letters to Mama and Baba…❤️🥰❤️

Just like the love letters Mama, Abah and Ibu send to Atok and Tok Mak that day…. ❤️🥰❤️

Thank you Allah for that beautiful day❤️💕❤️

We truly feel blessed, Alhamdulillah as many as the stars You created! 🥰🥰🥰

With our beloved Aunty Chah and Uncle Mat 

After almost 4 hours of togetherness - so happy and contented Alhamdulillah.🥰🥰

Aunty Chah gave us her limited edition Special CD Private Collection - 100 of her best and famous song lyrics, MashaAlllah!

She wrote the lyrics of more than 1000 songs MashaAllah!

Salaam sayang to you too Aunty! 

Aunty Chah so rindu dekat Adik..