Shifting the Burden : Inspirational Story as a Parent


That day, we were talking and suddenly Tariq confessed…

Mama, you know…. actually during the Grading…I did not have the confidence that I will pass my Back Belt… I didnt think I will pass… I was shocked myself when I did.., said Tariq🥺

… Really, sayang..?, I asked Tariq

…. Yes, Mama… really.., said Tariq🥺

… You know why you dont have the confident..? I probed further

…. Because I was scared..? answered Tariq unsure

…. No, sayang

… You feel like you dont have the confident because in your mind you totally depended on yourself, your effort, your skills to pass your Black Belt grading…, I said

…. That puts a very heavy burden on your heart… you put a very heavy burden on yourself… that’s why you were unsure and have doubt if you can pass…, I said

…. Who do you think you should have put your trust and confidence in.., I further asked Tariq

…. Allah…., said Tariq slowly as he nodded ❤️

… Yes, sayang… exactly…. If you just shift the burden of making you successful to Allah.., if you tell yourself that you are totally dependent on Allah to grant you success.., giving all your trust in Allah.. giving yourself to Allah.. surrender to Allah of the results…

… at the same time, you know that the only thing you need to do was put in your best effort….

… if you do that, you will gain all the confidence in the world because you know, Allahu Akbar, Allah is the Best Planner, your life is all in Allah’s Hands…, I said while stroking his hair

… With that, Tariq slowly nodded, trying to soak and process everything that I have said

… Just look at these pictures, Tariq..

…. You were a baby who couldnt even move the hoodie that covered your face.

…. And now you can break planks with your legs while doing a back kick, MashaAllah!

…. Where does thet strength came from? Who allows that growth in you? Who plans for these ‘successes’?

Allah.. Yes Al Mightly Allah

…. So always remember to submit yourself to Allah totally. Never ever depend on yourself for anything.

… Submit your doaa to Allah.

… Then work hard. And Work smart!

… And trust His Outcome💕

… That is how you will gain all the confidence you need to do anything in your life, InshaAllah

.. Because you know that Allah is always ‘in front’ of you, Allah Who Owns Everything and Everyone is in your team, Allah is guiding you, protecting you and leading your journey to success as per His Perfect Plan.., MashaAllah TabarakAllah! ❤️❤️🤩🥰

… Knowing all that.., would you still have no confidence, sayang…? I asked

…. Understood, Mama.., answered Tariq nodding whilst giving me his beautiful sunshiny smile!

Alhamdulillah ya Rabb for this beautiful conversation that day!❤️❤️❤️

You Cant even move that hoodie sayang

And MashaAllah look at you now