Imaginary Conversation : Inspirational Story as a Parent


Sulking for 2 mins when his reward token redemption request rejected

Jumaat Mubarak, everyone!


Because me and Tariq’s Baba decided that we will always celebrate Tariq’s growth and his efforts since small, it became more and more difficult for me to find gifts to reward Tariq for all his milestones and achievements, Alhamdulillah!❤️

First of all, just like his Baba (and unlike his Mama) Tariq doesn’t have much worldly material wants. 😅


Except for books, maybe.

Secondly, the gifts that I think would excites Tariq, actually only excites me!


So I gave up and came out with a better system - reward token!🥰🥰

For every significant milestone or achievement Tariq got, we give him reward in the form of reward tokens.

And he can redeem his tokens by asking whatever he wants whenever he wants them.

Except for playing games.

But that day, Tariq tried his luck and asked..,

Mama..,  can Tariq redeem one of my reward tokens to play Velorant games… pleaseee… just one game!

Sure, sayang can… for 5 mins.., I said

What..!!! 5 mins only….. so not worth it.., he mumbled

Well, your call, sayang.., I replied

Fine, Mama…, Tariq said in a sad voice and muncung mouth..,

… I will just play games in Jannah… but that time, Mama cannot say no and cannot limit my time.., promise..?


Macam tu la anak Mama😘😘

Okay, sayang

Mama promise that I won’t stop you from playing your Velorant games in Jannah…,

…. except maybe if I need you to follow me shopping in Jannah!

What..? Nooooooo

Can you ask the angels to follow you instead? I might be in the biggest battlefield that time!

Okay fine.. Mama will ask the angels to accompany me instead!😂


I always love our berangan imaginary Paradise conversations with Tariq - before and forever Alhamdulillah ❤️❤️❤️

I will play games non stop in Jannah - look at how happy his face is at that possibility

You promise you won’t say no in Jannah, right Mama?