Tariq's TKD Black Belt 1st Dan : Inspirational Story as a Parent


2 days ago, 19/12/22 Monday, Allah rezekikan Tariq to undergo the grading for his TKD Black Belt 1st Dan.

And he passed, Alhamdulillah, with flying colors!!!

After months of training, finally, Tariq is now TKD Black Belt 1st Dan, MashaAllah TabarakAllah!

Tariq’s grading comprised of many components- 3 different patterns, multiple techniques of breaking the planks, multiple kicking techniques, defence techniques, attacking techniques, sparring and even oral test!

SubhanAllahMama was so nervous every time Tariq stand in front of the examiner!!

And triple nervous because Tariq is being examined by no other than the awesome Grandmaster Dwen himself!!

Weeks leading to his grading, Tariq asked me…

….. Mama.., will you be angry if Tariq fail the grading..?

I smiled and said.., it depends, sayang

Hahaha. Can see his peluh sejuk keluar when I said the word ‘it depends..’

Depends on what, Mama…, asked Tariq

… Well.., if you do all your TKD drills daily… practise your patterns daily… do your warm up drills daily… consistently… train well during classes…. focus during training…

….If you do all that and still fail, then of course Mama will accept it as QadrAllah

…. BUT, if you slack in your training.., don’t do your drills and patterns daily… don’t practise… I will definitely be super upset if you fail… coz your didn’t do your very best preparing yourself for your Black Belt grading.., I answered Tariq

…. But Mama knows.., no matter how super disappointed Mama might be.., you will be more disappointed with yourself than Mama coz you know you should have done better but you didn’t do your best…, betul tak..?, I asked Tariq

… Yes, betul, Mama.., nodded Tariq

So with that in mind, Tariq trained hard weeks after weeks, every single day, MashaAllah TabarakAllah!

So congratulations my love, for your Black Belt 1st Dan!

Mama and Baba are super grateful to Allah, super happy and super proud of you, MashaAllah TabarakAllah!!

And our upmost gratitude to your teachers and Khalifah TKD Academy for training Tariq to achieve this level, Alhamdulillah!

Grandmaster Dwen

Sir Ashaari (5th Dan)

Sir Naim (4th Dan)

SIr Aziz (3rd Dan)

Sir Samad (3rd Dan)

Not forgetting Sensei Marc too!

Thank you Allah for blessing our Tariq this great achievement which looks impossible just 4 years ago!

It was truly a happy happy day for Tariq and Mama!!

Alhamdulillah ya Rabb!!

Tariq doing his Breaking Plank using 4 different techniques - Side Kick, Back Kick, Back Fist Strike and Knife Hand Strike.

He has only 2 try per techniques.

And he broke all his planks for all 4 techniques, Alhamdulillah!!


We passed!!

Tariq with Abang Mika and Abang Firdaus!

Pattern Grading… nervous nya Mama… I can barely breathe..

Super happy face both Tariq and GM Dwen!!

Tariq smiled so hard, he cannot contain himself!! Hahaha

Tariq receiving his results from Grandmaster Dwen Alhamdulillah!

Tariq had to do 3 patterns-

1. Compulsory Pattern - Choong Moo
2. Random Pattern chosen by examiner - Hwa Rang
3. Random Pattern chosen by Tariq - Dan Gun

MashaAllah well done baby!!

Serious listening to GM Dwen giving his instructions 

All 4 candidates sitting for the grading for Black Belt 1st Dan…

So serious whilst waiting for his turn… 

Sparring Grading

Now can smile coz Oral Test is over!

All candidates sitting for Oral Test - the final assessment before results 

GM Dwen signing his congratulations for Tariq on one of the planks Tariq broke!

Tariq was so super super happy!

All done Alhamdulillah!! 

Tariq trained with Abang Mika and Abang Firdaus since he was 7 years old!

They are his TKD buddies

Group photo!


Tariq super happy giggling listening to GM Dwen giving his words of wisdom 

Ramdom Kicking Grading - One of the sets Tariq had to do was turning kick followed by hook kick. Bravo sayang, well done Alhamdulillah!!

Jump baby jump!!

Jump and kick! MashaAllah awesome!

One of Tariq’s patterns