Nature Adventure : Inspirational Story as a Parent


1st Weekend of December 2022, Allah rezekikan Tariq and his BFF cum cousin, Nazeer to join this awesome Camp that incorporated STEM in it!🥳🥳

Coming back from Camp, he was so happy sharing his expriences, doing a handful of Science Experiments whilst learning how to survive in the ‘wild’, Alhamdulillah!🤩🤩😍😍

And these two boys enthusiastically shared stories about what they did with their new friends.

Mama, you know.., Cedric can speak German fluently..! I am so inspired by him..!!, said Tariq 😍

MashaAllah, this is what Mama wants for you to experience during Camps, sayang!😘😘

Making new friends and learning what other children your age do and be inspired by them, InshaAllah!🤩

I guess they really bonded as they actually exchanged numbers, MashaAllah!

And Tariq being the only one without his own hand phone, gave my number! 😂😂

As a gift for themselves, Tariq and Nazeer came back from Camp bringing back 10 grasshoppers!

Once home, they released half into the backyard and kept some in the container

A few days later, all the grasshoppers in the container died!! 😭😭😭

Boys, next camp please ask your teachers how to take care of grasshoppers okay!!

Thank you so much Uncle Fuad Rahim Asman and Uncle Fazli Rahim and the whole team for giving Tariq such an awesome camping experience!!


Alhamdulillah ya Rabb, for such opportunity! ❤️🥰

Learning how to do a water filtering system after which they have to come with their own invention!

All kids came fully equipped!

Tariq with his awesome tent mates - Nazeer, Cedric and Shreen

Tariq manovering the low ropes! 

Tariq and team mates doing the hard work setting up their tent!

Tariq with the amazing Uncle Fuad Rahim Asman and Uncle Fazli Rahim

Tariq with Adam! They were both in same class in Brainy Bunch before

Bye sayangggggg!! Can you see Tariq waving?

All scientific observation are being recorded!

Tariq full concentration! 

They pray together as well!

Sangat happy anak Mama nie Alhamdulillah!

In front of their tent. Well done boys!

Now you know how inshaAllah sayang!

Lets have fun in the river!!

Smile for the camera everyone!!

The kids took the bus with their Camp Commander and Camp Rangers!!

Fully happy boys after the Camp. They say tak cukup only one night!! Hahaha

The kids are given the task to decorate with tents with lights!

MashaAllah so cantik! Good job kids!!

They are separated into groups

Group photo!

Happy children but nervous parents!! Hahaha