Tariq's Dream Job : Inspirational Story as a Parent


Looks so confident but Mama knows..

Alhamdulillah, a few weeks ago, Allah rezekikan Tariq to again be on stage in a Mall in front of mostly strangers to deliver his public speech entitled ‘My Dream Job’! 🤩

And MashaAllah TabarakAllah, despite the obvious nervousness days leading to the event, and super nervous morning of the event, Tariq did very well, Alhamdulillah!!💕💕

During the first class, when his Teacher asked Tariq of his dream job, without hesitation Tariq answered ‘.. InshaAllah, I want to be a Surgeon, Teacher..!🥰

MashaAllah TabarakAllah!🥰🥰

InshaAllah, whatever that Allah has planned out for you will be the best, sayang..!🥰💕

What I loved most about this particular module was that Tariq had to write his whole speech himself!

Of course guided by his Teacher.

So Tariq had to researched on what a surgeon does, the subjects he needed to take, his study pathway from High School all the way to his Specialization, his dream University, some of the skills he would need acquire as a surgeon, the tools surgeons needed etc etc.

Mama absolutely loved your whole speech sayang!😘😘😘

Especially when you ended your speech with….

‘… I know the journey will be tough, rough and hard.., but I will always remember that a Surgeon needs to have the heart of a lion, the eyes of the eagle and the hands of a lady…’🤩🤩🤩

MashaAllah TabarakAllah, well said, sayang!!

The lion’s heart, the eagle’s eyes and the lady’s hand are always needed in everything that you decide to do!

May Allah guide you in your life decisions, sayang!

And always remember that Allah’s Knowledge is vast and wide… and there is no just one way to help heal and cure a person of their health issues…💕

So, be curious, be fascinated and explore too other kinds of medicinal fields that could help you heal your patients, inshaAllah!🥳

And always remember too, Allah ya Syafi… not you, not your knowledge, not your skills… but Him, Allah who Cures and Heals us all..💕💕💕

Well done again sayang for such a well done speech despite all your jittery and millions of butterflies in your tummy!!

Alhamdulillah ya Rabb for giving such rezki for Tariq that day!!❤️❤️🥰

Mama… I cannot breathe… Tariq had to stop and sit for a few minutes on his way to the stage..

Well done MashaAllah!!

Ibu and co came to support Tariq!!

The view of the stage

Breath sayang breath..

Teacher so happy while Tariq cannot even smile… moments before going up the stage..

All done and dusted!! Kakak Princess and Kakak Sya congratulating Tariq!!

Now Tariq can smileeee

Preparing his propa before his speech

Makan time!!

Well done sayang!!

Alhamdulillah!! Bravo to all these brave kids!!

Tariq.., you can do it..! Said Teacher Kasturi

Smile for the camera!!

Alhamdulillah!!! Well done!!

I believe in you Tariq, said Teacher Kasturi

Cannot even smile

Kakak Princess showing Tariq’s recording

That is the smile Mama was hoping to see 

Tariq online graduation a few days after that 

Poster of Tariq’s Stage time

Congrats sayang!!

So passionate MashaAllah!!

All smile after

You know your stuff MashaAllah!!