Tariq's First Traditional Archery Competition : Inspirational Story as a Parent


Early of this month, Allah rezekikan Tariq to enter his first Traditional Archery Competition after more than 3 years!🥰

He just started training Static Archery just a few weeks ago.

All this while, he is training for Horseback Archery, Alhamdulillah!🤩

Both type of archery takes different kind of training.

So when his Baba asked me, Is Tariq ready..?

I giggled and said.., No, not at all! 😄

But we still entered him anyway coz we gotta start somewhere, right?

And MashaAllah TabarakAllah, Tariq ranked 24 from 43 archers, Alhamdulillah!🥳🥳

Not too shabby for a first timer.

And for Tariq, his dream is to become like one of Prophet Muhammad SAW’s sahabat, Saad Ibnu Abi Waqas.💕💕💕


Coz Saad Ibnu Abi Waqas was an archer who never, as in never ever missed his target, MashaAllah!!🎯🎯🎯

How awesome is that!⭐️⭐️⭐️

I cannot imagine Saad’s focus, calmness, sharp eyes and accuracy of judgement to be able to achieve such skill, SubhanAllah!🔥🔥🔥

Tariq was so happy at the end of the competition as he learnt a lot of new things.

And made many new friends!🥰

May Allah grant you your doaa, sayang.., that your arrow never misses its target!🥰😘

And to be able to do that, always remember…





Bismillah… focus…

Arrow released!!

So serious MashaAllah

Smiling away… Tariq holding his Event Number, Lane Number, Target Number and Archer Position Number ❤️🎯

Group photo before competition starts

Tariq making new friends with other archers, trying out each other’s bows

First round the triangle top faces up… the second round, they turn the triable upside down!!

Tariq in action 🤩

Reading is always his favourite activity to fill up his time Alhamdulillah 🥰

Organiser checking Tariq’s bow and arrows before competition

Tariq getting ready

Nervous nya his face 😂

Counting his arrow marks

Tariq in action

MashaAllah! Just look at these awesome children training to be future archers, inshaAllah!!🤩🤩

The format: 6 Arrow x 6 Ends x 2 Rounds