Learning About Allah’s Nature By Being In The Nature : Inspirational Story as a Parent


A few days ago, Tariq participated in a Botany : Plant Morphology Field Trip!🥰

It was really an amazing learning experience for Tariq and his homeschooling buddies, Alhamdulillah!🤩

The field trip was taught by husband and wife team of experts - Dr Khadijah and Dr Yahya, MashaAllah! 🥳

Tariq (and Mama) learn so much about plants!

Mainly, Tariq discovered the many plant features and functions thru observation and understanding the many intrinsic characteristics that only experts would know, MashaAllah!🥰

Tariq learn how to distinguishing planted from naturally occurring forest species, the different species regenerate, observe how trees form a canopy, learning what limit the canopy height, understanding the forest floor (fern, seedlings herbaceous plants, dead leaves, animals), understanding how large trees are changing the environment, distinguishing flowering from non-flowering plants, distinguishing leaves from stems, distinguishing and classifying leaf types, observing flower and fruits and learning the role of flowers and fruits.

He even learn about edible leaves, how to identify if we can eat them and actually ate a few himself!😂

Hmmm… sedap jugak la, Mama..!, said Tariq quite surprised with the pleasant taste of the leave he ate.

Said the boy yang tak pernah makan ulam




Nothing can beat learning about Allah’s nature than being in the nature itself!🥰🥰🥰

The 2-hour session went by so fast, the kids didn’t want to even take a break, MashaAllah!!

Tariq came home that day as a boy who not only learn new things but on top of that..

Became truly amazed of Allah’s many mind-blowing greatness that Tariq learn to observe and witness thru His botany creations, SubhanAllah Alhamdulillah!!🥰🥰🥰

The class just began!

Tariq using the portable microscope to look at the Sorus on the leave

Dr Khadijah explaining while Dr Yahya helped translate into visual

Tariq trying to figure out about the tree

Tariq, try to draw what you observe the of the leaves.., said Dr Yahya… trying to heighten Tariq’s observation skills

Tariq as usual, ask a lot of questions, Alhamdulillah!

It is call a Sorus

Can you see the spores’ shape, Tariq..?, asked Dr Khadijah

This is how non-flowering plants spread its ‘seeds’ via its spores

One of the many beautiful leaves

Dr Khadijah enthusiastically explaining to her little learners!

Tariq excited wanting to eat an edible leaf direct from the plant!

This is called a Frond and that is Rhizome

Close up of a rubber tree

Tariq attempt to draw using his observation skills

Dr Khadijah assisting Tariq use one of her many gadgets

Focus Tariq… can you see it?

Tariq so focused on getting the shot right

Which one is the leaf, leaflet and but?

MashaAllah Mama didn’t even know how to answer that based on this leaf!

Tariq, can you tell me if that is a young tree?, asked Dr Yahya

After explaining the characteristics of young trees, Dr Yahya asked Tariq to point all the young trees he can identify…

Another edible leaf…

Sedap la Mama!! Tariq so delighted tasting the edible leaf

An edible berries.. Tariq learn how to identify them

Dr Yahya explaining about Jungle’s Canopy and Floor

How much pressure is needed to bring up the water from the forest floor to the leaves of a tree?

SubhanAllah 💕

This is how we measure the height of a tree!

Mama just found out one of the usage of her Add Maths after 35 years!! Hahaha

Dr Yahya showing Tariq his gadget that can measure height of the tree

Tariq trying to measure the tree height!

It was an awesome day!! Alhamdulillah!!🥰🥰🥰