Such Complex System Cannot Exist By Random and Chance : Inspirational Story as a Parent


That weekend, Tariq and his homeschooling buddies attended a Medical Camp organized by a group of young doctors from UPM Medical School, MashaAllah!🥰

And it was mind blowing experience for Tariq, alhamdulillah!!🥳🤩

In a layman’s words, Tariq got to cut open an animal heart and see all the ‘rooms’ and valves, do some ‘stitching’, learn how to wrap a ’broken bones’, create an artificial lungs and learn about human body and the working of all its vital organs and many more, MashaAllah!🥰🥳💖

And as expected, after 2 days of the camp, Tariq said…

…. Mama…, Tariq really want to be a surgeon now, inshaAllah..!


InshaAllah Alhamdulillah MashaAllah TabarakAllah!!🥰

Whatever you decide to pursue, sayang.., just make sure you pursue it with the intention of first and foremost is to earn Allah’s pleasure and love.., and also to be of benefit for His Creations, inshaAllah! 😘😘💖🌹

And It was truly an amazing CSR what these young doctors did.. to inspire the younger generations and giving them an early exposure to the medical world and science!

And not only that, at the very beginning, they introduced to the participants the many great Muslim Scientists who had contributed to the many great inventions we used today, MashaAllah!

It was a remarkable weekend for Tariq. Alhamdulillah! 💖

It sealed Tariq’s love for Science. alhamdulillah!💖

And perhaps because he was so happily learning one of the subjects he love,

Tariq won the Most Cheerful Participant Award, too!! 🥳😂🥰


Mama cannot imagine how cheerful you were during the 2-days Camp to land you that award, MashaAllah!😂🥰🥰

And most important of all, at the end of the camp, Tariq saw with his own eyes, the Greatness of Allah thru His Creations.

Because truly, such complex human body system, cannot exist by random and cannot exist by chance.🌹

La ilaha illaAllah!💖

Tariq getting his hands dirty.. feeling like a true surgeon sayang? 😂

This is how we wrapped a broken bone structure..

They really go into details..

Tariq putting some glue on his articial lungs

Tariq won the Most Cheerful Participant!! MashaAllah!! Hihi 😂🥰

Carefully soaking the wrap..

Abang2 Doctors who are really awesome celebrating Tariq’s learning!

Kakak2 doctors yang awesome!

A truly happy Explorer Tariq! Hihi

This is how you do it..

Tariq with some of his homeschooler friends 🥰

Lunch time!

Tariq, Hassan and Rayyan - Tariq’s band of homeschooler brothers!🥰🤩

Gently does it💖

Future Science lovers!

Tariq creating his artificial lungs with Hassan

Abang doctor shows how it is done!

Well done Tariq!🥳

Finish product!

The heart before it is being disected

The tools

The final aritifical lungs

A super happy boy, alhamdulillah!🥰

And an equally happy Mama, alhamdulillah!🥰