Seeking Help to Soften the Hearts of Those We Have Wronged : Inspirational Story as a Parent



9th Zulhijjah


We were waiting for Baba so we can check in together for our flight 🥰

And we started talking about Solat Khushama’, which is a special solat that can be done only 7 times in one year 💖

And today was one of the times when we can do the Solat, alhamdulillah!

So I explained to Tariq the beauty of the Solat which is meant to seek Allah’s help to soften the hearts of those we have wronged and so they wont seek justice against us during the Day of Judgement in front of Allah. 🥺

And that they forgive us. 🥺

We also must make the intention to donate the reward of this prayer that we performed to be given to those we have wronged.

Mama.., when is the next time we can do this Solat..? asked Tariq curiously

… Tomorrow, sayang.. on the day of Eid Adha between Zuhur and Asr.., I answered smiling

… Can you teach me, Mama..? I think there are a few people that Tariq need to ask Allah to soften their hearts to forgive me and donate the reward of this Solat too..


My heart just flipped with happiness by Tariq’s request.

Of course, sayang.🥰🥰

Of course! 😘😘😘

Alhamdulillah, ya Rabb for menjentik hati Tariq upon receiving new knowledge to reflect and realize he has done some wrong to others, and has the humility to admit and seek for forgiveness.

Alhamdulillah a million times!🥰


Since my friends are asking, I share about the solat here. May Allah accepts💖

Sometimes this solat is done at night. But for tomorrow ie 10th Zulhijjah, it is done between Zuhur and Asr. And it is 4 rakaat with 2 salam.


Usolli sunatal Khusomaa rakaataini lillahi taala

First Rakaat:

AlFatihah 1x

AlIkhlas 11x

Second Rakaat:

AlFatihah 1x

AlIkhlas 10x

AlKafirun 3x


Third Rakaat:

AlFatihah 1x

AlIkhlas 10x

AlTakathur 1x

Fourth Rakaat:

AlFatihah 1x

AlIkhlas 15x

Ayatul Kursi 1x


After completing the solat, make duaa to Allah to softens those we have wronged and not claim against us on the Day of Judgement. And make the intention that you give the reward of this prayer to them.

May Allah accepts💖