Manifestation of the Greatness and Magnificence of Allah : Inspirational Story as a Parent


Last week, Tariq had an amazing opportunity to attend a class learning about Forensic Odontology with Dr Atika! 🤩


Yes, it is the field of knowledge that focuses on human’s teeth to solve mystery, mainly identifying the identity of a dead person via their teeth.

And what an experience that was for Tariq!🤩🤩

We just found out that there are only 12 Forensic Odontologists in Malaysia, and Tariq got to meet and learn from one of them!🥳


Tariq was so perplexed and amused as he learn the techniques of getting information about a person by just analyzing their teeth, jawline structure, skull etc.🥰🥰


At the end of the day, Tariq was so into the field that he said to me.., Mama… I think I want to be a Surgeon and Forensic Odontologist!


So cute.

Mama thinks next time I should take you to a bakery class so you can also be a surgeon, forensic odontologist and bake Mama delicious cakes and cupcakes!!🎂🍰🧁🥮🥧🥰🥰


On our way back, in the car, I asked Tariq..

…. After all the knowledge you gained today, sayang.., do you think it is possible that we have no Creator..? Is it possible that we just suddenly appeared at random having all these info in our teeth and skull that can help us solve mystery?

To that, Tariq’s face light up and said.., No way, Mama…, no way!!🥰


Allahu Akbar!💖

Alhamdulillah.. truly not only Tariq gained knowledge, but he also saw the manifestation of the Greatness and Magnificence of Allah thru His Creations!🥰


Tariq so attentive while listening to Dr Atika explaination 🥰

Tracing the teeth

Solving the mystery

Tariq popping some questions

Tariq and teammates solving mystery

Working together as a team

Dr Atika sharing her experience solving the identity of a few soldiers found after 70 years of their jet crash..

The amazing field of Forensic Odontology

A full adult teeth

Dr Tariq working hard.. hihi

Good job baby!!

Tariq is so into it that even your name you made them into teeth like font!! Hahaha

With the amazing Dr Atika

Future Forensic Odontologists!!!

Who is Mr X?

Hard at work..

Teeth samples..

Baby and Adult Skull

Tariq to happy to meet Hassan.., his archery buddy

The tools for the day!