The Story of Two Stubborn Goats : Inspirational Story as a Parent


Recently we enrolled Tariq in a public speaking course🤩

And the ‘final exam’ was that Tariq has to be on Stage in a Shopping Mall delivering his story entitled ‘Story of Two Stubborn Goats’! 🥰

I was excited, but Tariq was not! 😂

Days leading to the event, Tariq kept asking… must I really do this Mama… can’t I just tell you the story instead… no need to be on stage in front of strangers looking at me… Tariq feel like vomiting every time Tariq think about the event…


Alahai, so kesian Mama’s baby…

I could see anxiety slowly developing in Tariq as we got closer to the date.

And I am pretty sure thousand of butterflies start to ‘appear’ in his tummy!

As an ex-debater myself, I totally understand how Tariq felt.

And I knew I must help him overcome this fear that was slowly but surely developing in him.

So I said..,

….. Tariq sayang…. do you think Mama and Baba decided to enroll you into this course so you can merely learn how to tell the Story of the Two Goats?…. Is this really the story Mama and Baba wanted you to share with the world?…. Is this our goal?…. What stories do you think we want you to share with the world actually ..?

After a long silence.., Tariq nervously answered.., The Story of Rasullullah..?

… Yes sayang!! … You are absolutely right!…. We wanted you to learn to be brave and speak in public so you can share the stories of Prophet Muhammad, his beautiful manners, his teachings, his friends, his life and not be afraid to share!.., I answered so happily as Tariq began to understand

… and do you know that Prophet Muhammad and all his friends were all public speakers? Yes they were! And so we must be too!

Slowly I began to see Tariq gathering his strength, courage and bravery day by day.

And he took the bold step on the stage to deliver his first ever story publicly in front strangers in a Shopping Mall!

MashaAllah!! TabarakAllah!!🥳🤩🥰

Well done, sayang!!🥳🥳🤩😘😘😘

You really made Mama and Baba proud.

We know it was still not easy, but you did it anyway!

Congrats again, sayang!!🥳🥳🥳

InshaAllah it will get easier!!💖🥰

And Alhamdulillah ya Allah!! 💖💖💖🥰

Thank you for blessing Tariq with bravery and confident, and help him overcome the fear of public speaking on that beautiful and special day!

Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah Alhamdullillah, ya Rabb!!🥰🥰💖💖

Takut… hihihi… I seriously think he feel like vomitting right then

Two goats…

Tariq receiving his trophy and certificate from Teacher Kasturi! 

Tariq being interviewed after receiving his cert! Now so confident MashaAllah!!

Now so happy Alhamdulillah!! Well done sayang!!

Can breath now baby? Hahaha