Indeed There is Blessings in Everything : Inspirational Story as a Parent

About three weeks ago, Tariq participated in his first Swim Meet after more than 2 years, Alhamdulillah!🥳🥳

And Alhamdulillah, he did better than expected clocking 47.46secs for 50m Freestyle!🤩

I was super delighted with his timing, Alhamdulillah 🥰

But when Tariq heard his timing, he wasn't too happy. He felt that he could have done better timing.

This is when I reminded Tariq that in everything, he only has to do one thing - which is his best.

And leave the results to Allah.

Because results and outcome - this is Allah’s Right 💖

Whatever Allah decides and plan for us, it is always for our best. 🥰

We must trust Allah’s Plan and accept.. redha.

And then come bouncing back with new energy, new motivation and new drive!🌟🌟🌟

And MashaAllah true enough, immediately the following weeks, Tariq’s swimming training got better🤩🥳

His timing improved too.

Tariq was more focused.

He got more determined.

He became more disciplined.

MashaAllah TabarakAllah!!🥰🤩

Truly, sayang, yes Mama taught you those words.

But you showed Mama how it is done.

I am so super proud of you, MashaAllah TabarakAllah!🥰

And truly grateful to Allah for blessing you with determination, courage to accept His decree and ability to bounce back.


Alhamdulillah ya Rabb!💖

Indeed there is blessings in everything 💞🌹


 Tariq’s first event after more than 2 years!


Swim baby swim!

Tariq’s first event for 2022!

Walking to his starting block!

Coach Irene all so happy!

Abang Parvin only took Milo for his beloved thamby Tariq. The rest of us just drool! Hahaha

Aunty Linda goofying around with Tariq!

Tariq and some of his team mates!

Moment with Coach Irene

His first event

Tariq with Abang Parvin and Kakak Haley

Mama’s precious 😘

The result.

Well done sayang!🥳🥰