When One Door Closes, Another One Opens : Inspirational Story as a Parent


Yesterday Tariq went to Brainy Bunch to take his School Leaving Certificate..

It has been a wonderful 8+ years with Brainy Bunch!🥰

Tariq joined Brainy Bunch  since he was 2 years old still in diapers!

First at BrainyBunch Kindy then Brainy Bunch International School.

Mama truly thought that Tariq will be completing your High School with Brainy Bunch🥺

Never in my wildest dream that you will leave Brainy Bunch, sayang.

So we plan, and Allah Plans.

And His Plan is the Best of all Plans💞

Allah allows Covid-19 to change almost everything about the world.

Thus, Mama and Baba had to make a tough education decision for you.

A decision that is needed for your future, sayang, inshaAllah 🌹

So this is Baba and Mama’s decision, for now.

Walking out from Brainy Bunch compound felt like leaving a piece of us behind as we cross the school gate.

Mama was teary. I cannot help it.

It is truly the end of this chapter for Tariq, Mama and Baba.

But inshaAllah Alhamdulillah, the ending of one chapter means the beginning of a fresh new exciting one, InshaAllah Alhamdulillah! 💞🌟

Thank you to all Tariq’s Teachers - Uncles, Aunties, Ustazs, Ustazahs, Coaches for moulding Tariq to be where he is today! 😘😘💞💞

Thank you Brainy Bunch for giving Tariq the best childhood schooling experience, development and growth a child could ever asked for! 🥳🤩

Thank you for all the joy, laughter and happiness all these years!🌹💝💖

We are forever grateful and pray to Allah to reward everyone in Brainy Bunch with His Jannatul Firdaus, Aamiin! 💞💞💞

Goodbye Brainy Bunch.

It is time for Tariq to venture into his new exciting chapter as a homeschooler 💝🥰🥳

But do remember, that we love you 3000! 💞💞💞

Always and forever.

Tariq posing with his School Leaving Certificate 🥰

Our last picture of the day in front of Brainy Bunch together🥰

With Sir!

That’s where the horses are🥰

Bye bye Brainy Bunch… 😭😭💞

Bye bye Ustaz Aden…. 😭😭😭💞💞💞 

Tariq’s School Leaving Certificate ❣️

Tariq in front of his class - Ammar Ibn Yaasir

BB with Love

Tariq walking at the corridor of Upper Elem 🥰

Tariq!!! So happy to see his friends and vice versa

Sayang Uncle Muhammad Nazri!! 🥰

Tariq in front of his favourite Tea-Amo! 🥰

The amazing Ustaz Ashik! TQ for everything Ustaz!!❣️❣️❣️

With Uncle Nazri and Uncle Salim

Tariq awesome Ustaz Syahid!! 🥰

Terserempak dengan Ustaz Ashik! The first person Tariq saw in BB! 🥰

With Uncle Fadzil Hashim! Tariq will miss all your pep talk! 💞💞

Tariq giving his advice to his cheeky youngest classmate - Elyas!🥰

Tariq with his classmates 💞🥰

Tariq’s beloved Ustaz Aden Sacra whose love has no boundaries 💞💞💞

Uncle Fadzil Hashim giving Tariq some advice about Selawat for Tariq to bring home. Thank you brother! 🥰🥰