Friday is our weekly Eid : Inspirational Story as a Parent


Jumaat Mubarak everyone!🥰💖

As today is Friday, I reminded Tariq to do at least 3 Sunnah and teachings  of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) as a sign of our love for him:

1. Smile!! - Prophet Muhammad reminded us that Smiling is part of charity and scientifically, it helps our happy hormone to spread all over our body! We need to flood lots of good and happy hormones into our body to stay positive, inshaAllah!

2. Send lots of blessings and salutations to Prophet Muhammad continuously the whole day today! - Allahumma Solli ala Sayyidna Muhammad - Say it one time and Allah will reward us 10 hasanah for each selawat, MashaAllah. Imagine that! Give 1, Get 10!


3. Make lots of duaas - Let us spend some quiet time during the last hour of Friday (Between 6.20-7.20pm Malaysian Time) and make lots of duaas as that is the time of maqbool duaas! MashaAllah! We have a lot to ask from Allah - Rezeki, Health, Peace of Mind, Prosperity, His Pardon and Forgiveness, Steadfast in performing Ibadah, Taufiq, Piety, Guidance, Success in this world and the hereafter, Hidayah, Entry into His Paradise without Torments of Hellfire, Protection from Harm, Protection from Dajal, Husnul Khatimah,  Syafaat Rasulullah and many more! 🤲🏻💕🤲🏻💕

As Fridays is also our weekly Eid, instilling into Tariq the habit of celebrating it by doing as many Sunnah as he can is super important, inshaAllah!

May we all be blessed on this beautiful day, Aamiin!🤩💖

Jumaat Mubarak again everyone! 🥰🥰🥰