Nothing Happens Unless Allah Wills It : Inspirational Story as a Parent


Last week at about 4pm, I received a phone call from my brother about my sister.

Upon hearing the news, I couldn't help myself and immediately burst into tears.

As I was sobbing and at the same time profusely making duaa to Allah to keep my sister safe, to infuse peace into her heart and to give us all strength, I felt Tariq's arms around my shoulder.

Mama.., said Tariq with the softest voice while lovingly tapping my back..

... be patient Mama.. you know this only happened because Allah allows it to happen.. you know everything that Allah plan is always the best.. there must be good reasons even if we don't understand it now, right Mama? .. Allah is the Best Planner... Mama be patient okay... Mama trust Allah..

And just like that, my sobbing subsided, alhamdulillah.💖

My 9 year old son is reminding me of what we have continuously instill into him.

To trust Allah's plan even if we cannot understand the reason now, even if we cannot see why, even if it is hard to swallow.

In Allah we must trust. Allah knows best.

And as long as Allah is pleased with us, nothing else matters.

That everything goes back to Allah.

Your success happens because Allah allows it to happen.

Your failure happens because Allah allows it to happen.

Your wealth, your victories, your intelligence, your beauty, your skills, your wisdom, your happiness.. and everything else all are from Allah.

For we, His creatures, cannot even move a limb without His Permission..

So if anything adverse happened to us, it is only because Allah allows it to happen.

And it is only adverse from our point of view.

But not from Allah's point of view.

We believe that raising a child during end of time needed this critical understanding.

As parents, we must and need to continuously remind our children, educating them and make them understand that their lives, our lives is 100% totally dependent on Allah.

And in Allah, we all must trust.

Thank you Allah, ya Rabb, Alhamdulillah for making my 9 year old Tariq, able to remind me of Your Power during this trying times..

Laa ilaha illaAllah

Laa hawla wala quwwata illa billah

Allahu Akbar

My sister and family came to visit us on the last day before MCO started!

The best sister in the whole world! I will always love you, my beloved Adik. Fret not. Allah ada. As long as Allah is pleased with us, nothing else matters