Good or Bad, Always Put Things Into Perspective : Inspirational Story as a Parent


Last month, Tariq was invited to participate in the International Olympiad BrightChamps Talent Hunt Examination.

The Olympiad test the contenders on Maths, English,  Logical Thinking and Aptitude.

I thought why not, so I enrolled him.

On the day of the Olympiad Examination, Tariq asked me..,

... Mama, is this real exam or just for fun..?

... Just for fun, sayang..!, I told him smiling away 😃

So happily and cheerfully, Tariq answered the questions.

When the results came in, Tariq received the Global Ranking #321 from more than 10,000 participants worldwide!🎉🤩

MashaAllah TabarakAllah Alhamdulillah!!🥰💖

Me and his Baba was super duper happy!🤩🤩💖

But Tariq almost fainted when I showed him his result. Hahaha

...What?? I am number 321???, shrieked Tariq almost fall off his chair. Hahaha.

... You did really well sayang. You are Top 3-4% of the Olympiad contenders!.., I said to Tariq

Tariq paused for a while and said...,

....Hmmmm... that is not so bad, right Mama..?

.... You got it right! It is not bad at all, sayang, Alhamdulillah!!.., I said to Tariq as I hugged him

Happily, Tariq smiled and said.. Alhamdulillah! Thank you Allah..!💖💖💖

SubhanAllah, I taught Tariq a few valuable life lessons that day.

️One is to always trust Allah’s plan and accept His Decisions for us. Everything that we ‘have’ is from Allah. So when Allah bless us with something, always remember it is all blessings from the Kindness, Love, Majestic of Allah and has nothing to do with our own self.

 ️Secondly, is to always put things into perspective.

Achieving Global Rank #321 looks like there is nothing to celebrate about... but when putting things into perspectives, being Top 4% in the Global Rank is something really awesome.

MashaAllah TabarakAllah Alhamdulillah!!💕🎉

Always trust Allah’s plan.

Always put things into perspective- good or bad.

And we will soon see that things are not as ‘bad’ as it looks!

Because in Allah’s Plan, there is nothing that is bad, for He, our Lord, is the Perfect Planner.

Allahu Akbar! SubhanAllah! Alhamdulillah! 💖💖💖

Congratulations again, sayang!

May the knowledge you have be used to serve Allah and Prophet Muhammad’s Ummah, Aamiin ya Rabbi!💖

Allahumma Solli Ala Sayyidina Muhammad 💖

Happily answering the questions. Zero Stress. We didn’t even prep Tariq for the Olympiad!

Alhamdulillah thank you Allah! 🥰