Bring Everything Back To Allah : Inspirational Story as a Parent


This week is Tariq’s school Brainy Bunch Virtual Science & Maths Week, MashaAllah!


So the school runs various competitions throughout the week.

For the students’ Health Science Project and Experiment (Individual Category) competition, the theme is Covid-19.

After much deliberation on all the subtopics given by his teacher, Tariq decided to choose the topic Covid-19 Model.

As usual, Mama will only do the minimal. Like buying the clay and becoming your camerawoman! 😂

Coz Mama believes in every project/training you have, it is the process that Tariq goes thru that is more important than the results you get!🥰

So Tariq did his own reading, watched the YouTube videos on the virus, made his Covid-19 virus model from clay, decided for himself which info should be highlighted and presented and even prepared his own (mental) script, MashaAllah!😍

Honestly, Mama also learn a thing or two about virus from you, MashaAllah!

Well done, sayang!

To be able to speak confidently from your heart, doing your own mental script, and presenting the facts without the help of any card or written script and remembering all the facts really amazes Mama, MashaAllah! 🥰🥰

And most importantly, doing almost all the hard work yourself is the thing that made Mama super happy and proud of you, Alhamdulillah! 🎉🎉

And the icing of the cake is when you ended your presentation with ‘InshaAllah we are safe by Allah’s Power, As Salaamu ‘alaykum, this is Tariq..’!🥰🥰

MashaAllah, berbunga2 hati Mama flowery all over because you ended your presentation by going back to the reality - that only Allah can keep us safe.💖

Allahu Akbar.

Well done again, sayang.

This is the kind of understanding that Mama and Baba have been praying you to have - that you bring everything back to Allah, Alhamdulillah! 🥰