The Most Beloved Deeds : Inspirational Story as a Parent


Last Friday, the EMCO was lifted in Seremban, which means that we are now allowed to leave the house and travel in pairs instead of alone, Alhamdulillah!🥰

Immediately, Tariq decided to visit his favourite Food Bank.

And top up some food for his beloved community. 💕

And coincidentally, on the same day, FB reminded me that Tariq was doing the same deeds....

... Just that it was 8 years ago, SubhanAllah! 🥰

He was 2 years old then!

It reminded me of Hadith of Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him.

Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) taught us that the most beloved deed to Allah is the deed that are most regular and constant even if it were little..💖

So sayang, even if you are just giving few loaves of bread, few bottles of oil, some pack of biscuits..., but if you do it constantly and regularly.. you are doing deeds that most beloved to Allah, my son!

What can be more beautiful and meaningful than earning His Love and earning a passage to His Paradise?

May you continue doing deeds that are constant and regular.

May you continue to see great value in doing little things.

May you continue to find great pleasure in good little things in life.

And May all the little things, those small ripples you created results in beautiful amazing waves that changed the world to a better place and most importantly, making you His beloved servant, Aamiin ya Rabb!