One of The Best Charity : Inspirational Story as a Parent


Sadly, yesterday was the last day before Seremban 2 is scheduled to be totally locked down under EMCO/PKPD.

Which means no one is allowed to leave their homes with a few exceptions.

So, at 6.45pm, just a few hours before the lockdown starts, Tariq did his last round to top up one of the Food Bank under his swimming club, Flying Eagles Swimming Club.

We cannot do everything, but we definitely can do something.

Thank you sayang for doing your bit as a responsible member of the community💖

May Allah be pleased with you, Aamiin

Truly, inside our rezki, there is a right of others to it. And  one of the best charity is feeding others.

We felt so sad thinking of how will some of the members in our community survive this EMCO.

May Allah give us all patience throughout this pandemic, keep our hopes high and our faith strong, Aamiin 💖

Tariq arranging some canned food

Bread is an important item to fill up empty tummies

Done Mama, said Tariq

Another kind hearted donor came to also top up the Food Bank while we were there. Thank you sister! Malaysians are indeed very kind hearted and generous MashaAllah 🥰🥰

As we were about to leave, an elderly Grandpa came to take some food. Tariq's heart broke when he saw this Uncle..