The Simplest and Easiest Charity : Inspirational Story as a Parent


I was doing my work when suddenly Tariq appeared in front of me and called me excitedly..,

...Mama! Mama!! Look up look up! Tariq wants to give you a big charity right now..!, said Tariq

I looked up and saw this huge big grin on Tariq’s face.💕

Immediately I giggled, grab my phone and snapped this picture.

SubhanAllah! What a beautiful smile sayang🥰

Mama loves your charity! Muaks!!😘😘😘

Thank you!! Alhamdulillah!!🌷💝

First week on MCO, I decided to start Project Smile.

I told Tariq that since we are all stuck at home, let us not deprive  ourselves from practicing this beautiful Sunnah of Prophet Muhammad SAW and gaining reward from Allah using one of the simplest and easiest charity - Smiling!😀

So we should smile to each other every opportunity we get.


️When Tariq walk towards Mama and Mama looking at you, Tariq smiles.

️When Tariq talks to Mama, Tariq smiles.

️When Tariq wakes up every morning and saw Mama and Baba, Tariq smiles.

️When Tariq calls Mama and Mama look at you, Tariq smiles first before asking questions.

️When Tariq walks in front of Mama and Mama looks up, Tariq smiles.

️ When Baba comes home and Tariq opens the door and sees Baba, Tariq smiles.

️ When Abang FoodPanda comes to the door, Tariq smiles at him.

️ Etc etc etc

Smile, Smile and keep Smiling, sayang.

That way, we continuously gain Allah’s reward, practicing Sunnah of Prophet Muhammad SAW, do charity and our body will keep producing happy hormones resulting in feel good feeling all day long! 💖


Start your own Smile Project with your family! It can feel weird in the beginning but very quickly, you can feel its awesome effects, inshaAllah!🤩🥰

Smile everyone, smile! 🥰😍