Paying it forward; a Revisit : Inspirational Story as a Parent


Just about one year ago, Tariq’s swimming club Flying Eagles Swimming Club  set up our very first Food Bank under the watch of our beloved Coach Irene Hisham, Alhamdulillah!🎉🎊

I was very excited for this project because feeding others is one of the best charity mentioned by Prophet Muhammad SAW!💖

Since then, every few days, I would take Tariq there to top up our FESC food bank.

And Tariq is always super excited every single time we make the trip! Alhamdulillah!

He became more excited and responsible after Coach Irene ‘assigned’ the ‘management and well being’ of the food bank to him!

(Since we invite public to drop their food donation to the Food Bank, we need to make sure the food bank is maintained properly)

This simply means Tariq needs to make sure the food are arranged neatly and the food bank is in good condition.

So every time when we make our trip there, Tariq would carry all the bags containing the food.

Then Tariq take out whatever food still there (if any) and clean the drawers before putting back the food systematically in the drawers.

Drawer 1 is always for bread.

Drawer 2 is for biscuits and cakes.

Drawer 3 for snacks and noodles.

Drawer 4 is for the drinks.

MashaAllah, that is a good system, sayang! 🥰

And one time while arranging, an elderly Uncle came to take some food. And Tariq chatted with him a bit, MashaAllah.

That really made Tariq’s day as he always asked me, who are the people who took the food there.

This food bank is very unique as the food there are mostly Ready-To-Eat kind of food. Breads, biscuits, chocolates, snacks, juice drinks, energy bars, cookies, cereals, instant noodles, milk and mineral water.

The idea is so that anyone who needs food could walk up to our Food Bank, grab something and fill their tummy immediately, Alhamdulillah!

Our FESC food bank was so popular that we have now 7 Food Banks around town, Alhamdulillah!🎉

A few newspapers did some coverage on our food bank and interviewed Coach Irene too, MashaAllah!🥰

Thank you Allah for this opportunity to give. Alhamdulillah!

Indeed in our rezeki, in what we receive, there is always some portion of the poor and needy in it that we should give. And for them to receive.💖

We must always remember that..💝

May Allah accepts this as our Amaal Soleh, Aamiin..

P/s: If you are interested to chip in, you can message (whatsapp only) Coach Irene at 0182710512!

Tariq arranging the food

Stack them properly sayang..

Filling up the drawers

Tariq deciding on what goes where💖

Carefully arranging the bread

MashaAllah... Tariq carrying the bags

Some of the food donated by public

Nice selection

Tariq was so happy when he got to chat with this Uncle who came to take some food

Yummy bread!

Some snacks 🥰

Some drinks

More drinks donated

As we left, this Uncle came to take some food

Tariq doing his duty

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