of Blessings and Test : Inspirational Story as a Parent


I was going thru some of our family Raya photos and realized that today is the last day of Syawal 1442H.

And it is the second year that Malaysian’s Raya Celebration has changed.

Years ago, while we were on the road trip going from one house to another, I remembered thinking...

Why do we, Malaysians make so much effort visiting families far and wide during month of Syawal?

Why do we go thru bad traffics, congested highways, crowded bus stations and airports just to spend Raya with our loved ones?

Why do we excitedly send our open house invitations inviting family and friends into our house during month of Syawal?

Why do we dedicatedly and eagerly fulfilling the invites of our family and friends to their open houses?

Why do we go extra in preparing Raya dishes and Raya cookies spread for our guests?

Why do we receive guests up to the wee hours at night during Syawal when we usually close our doors by 9pm on other nights?

Why do we prepare Angpau Packets and give to our little children and elderly even if it is RM1 per Angpau?

Why do we try our best to wear new beautiful clothes on the first day of Eid?

And a list of my other whys...

It was then I realized something.

All those things that we do.

All the answers to those whys..

Whether we realize it or not..

Has only one answer.

It was because it was part of Islam and the teachings of Prophet Muhammad SAW.

We visited because we want to re-established and strengthen our relationship with our kins, which is what Allah loves for us to do. And while doing so, Allah rewards us with His Abundance.

Allah has said that the fastest way to cut our Rezki is to cut ties with our family and kins. And the fastest way to increase our Rezki is to strengthens our ties and bond with our family and kins.

We have  open houses because we love to feed others, which is Prophet Muhammad SAW’s teachings and  Sunnah.

We fulfill invitations even some were simply touch and go because Prophet Muhammad SAW taught us that fulfilling invitations is one of our responsibilities as Muslims.

We go extra on our food offerings because feeding people is one of the best kind of charity.

We received guests happily anytime of the day because Prophet Muhammad SAW has taught us that guests brings in abundance into our household and when guests leave, they take away all kinds of harms, trials, tribulations and harmful creatures from our homes.

We give Angpau packets because giving charity and gift-giving increases our sustenance and increase our love and bond with one another.

We wear new clothes or even old ones but the best ones we have because that was what Prophet Muhammad taught us to do to demonstrate our happiness of successfully fasting for 30 days.

And all those extras that we received when we visit and see one another like smiling, shaking hands, asking for forgiveness, givings hugs etc all has rewards of charity, pardoning of our sins and earning Allah’s Love and Blessings.

SubhanAllah Allahu Akbar.

And this beautiful Malaysian culture could be one of the reasons  why Allah has blessed our nation so much.


And I truly missed it.

I felt these past 2 years, we have been robbed of this beautiful manifestation of our Islamic faith.

So many of Prophet Muhammad’s Sunnah that we have been practicing for years are no more.

On the surface it looks like it was robbed by Covid 19.

But if we truly understand, reflect and read between the lines, this is a test from Allah for us.

He has taken back some of our live’s greatest pleasure. He has taken away the opportunity for us to practice some of the Sunnah and teachings of our beloved Prophet Muhammad SAW.

Will things go back to normalcy in the future?

Only Allah knows.

Only He can restore what He has taken.

But for now, I know we need to find a way to earn back all those rewards we used to earn during Syawal in another way.

And I know that we need to grab whatever opportunities that is still left to practice the teachings and Sunnah of my beloved Prophet Muhammad SAW.

May Allah help and protect us all...

....Allahumma Solli Ala Saiyidina Muhammad...


Tariq asking for forgiveness from Baba on morning of ‘Eid

As usual, Tariq needs Baba’s help to wearing his samping.🤩

Tricky move... Baba trying to tighten up Tariq’s samping

Alhamdulillah, we are grateful to Allah for blessings He bestows upon us...

Baba forgive you, sayang.. whispered Baba to Tariq..🥰💞