of Amusement and Diversion : Inspirational Story as a Parent


Yesterday, my brother send a video clip that recorded our Malaysia Airport’s announcing our favorite and beloved airlines, the Malaysia Airlines flight announcement.

And I decided to record Tariq’s reaction.

Just by hearing the first word from voice of the announcer, Tariq ‘jumped’ and ‘crawled’ kelam kabut towards me!😂

Who is that?? Mama siapa pergi ke flight?? Dia dapat pergi fllight..? , asked Tariq so curious

(Ie translate as: Who is traveling?? Who is traveling??)😅

Then I asked him, do you missed it?

Of course I miss it!, answered Tariq

Hadoi. So kesian anak Mama.

Rindu nak travel rupanya.🛫🛫🛫


We all do, sayang.

We all do..

We don’t know if we ever get to travel again exploring Allah’s beautiful earth and witnessing Allah’s greatness thru His creations and His creatures in the manner we used to.

Day by day, the world as we know it seems to be like ‘Once Upon A Time’ story.

Sad truth, but it is the real truth for now.

But let us thank Allah for all that He gave us in our past and what He is giving us right now in our present, Alhamdulillah!💖💖💖

Always remember what Allah said sayang...

Life of this world is merely an amusement and a diversion; the true life is in the Hereafter. Life of the world is but a pastime and a game, the home of the Hereafter is the real Life..

So fret not.

Let us refocus on our todays and on our permanent home, our real life - our hereafter.

Because sayang, remember Mama told you about the awesome tagline in the hereafter?

Yes, the tagline is ‘Anything you wish for, you will get!’🥰💝💖

That is Allah’s  promised to us all! 🥰

So you will get to travel all you want. Only your imagination is your limit!🤩

Don’t be so sad okay.

Be thankful, be grateful, be pleased with all that Allah has given us, is giving us and will be giving us!

Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah ya Rabbal Alamin!🥰