Goals for Ramadhan : Inspirational Story as a Parent


It is finally here, alhamdulillah! 🤗🤗🤗

Ramadan Mubarak, everyone!💖💖💖

About a week before Ramadan, I asked Tariq to start pondering and thinking what would his goals be this Ramadan.

... Ramadan is a school.. a madrasah.., sayang. It is a one month training camp when Allah has made it compulsory for every Muslim to participate in..

... so that we can strengthen the pillars of our faith inshaAllah and develop deep love for Him and strengthen our connection with Him and our deen, inshaAllah .., I explained to Tariq

And a few days ago, Tariq told me what he has decided on what to focus on and achieve this Ramadan, inshaAllah alhamdulillah!

First is to fast full of patience, inshaAllah 🥰

Secondly to recite his Quran and its meanings everyday, inshaAllah, 😍

Third, to pray Terawikh and Witr everyday inshaAllah 😘

Fourth, to train himself to do Solat Sunat before Fajr as this is one of the solat that Prophet SAW never missed, inshaAllah 🥰

And fifth, to train to do istigfar, recite Ayatul Kursi and do his tasbih, tahmid and takbir after every solat, inshaAllah 🥰

MashaAllah TabarakAllah, sayang!😍😍😍

Mama prays to Allah that He makes everything easy for you to achieve your pure and beautiful targets this Ramadan.

And more importantly, your new habits will become part of you and your daily routines post-Ramadan, Aamiin! 🥰🥰

And that you will graduate from School of Ramadan with flying colors, Aamiin ya Rabb!!

Tariq performing his first solat tarawikh having his computer to remind him of the surahs to recite

Reciting Quran and understanding its meaning MashaAllah

Tariq explaining to Mama what he understood from the translation of the verses he just read, 😍