With Every Hardship There is Ease : Inspirational Story as a Parent


Only after 3 days of physical schooling last week at  Brainy Bunch, this week on Wednesday, Tariq is back in his ‘office’ at home doing his Brainy Bunch online class!

And his online class is exactly like his physical school : 7.45am-4pm with breakfast/Dhuha break and lunch break in between, MashaAllah!!!

And Mama doesn’t face much difficulty managing Tariq with online classes as Tariq really really enjoys your online class, Alhamdulillah!

Our home is filled again with your excited voice- laughing, giggling, asking questions, screaming and shrieking! 🥰

All those What? Why? Who? Where? How? 😍

They are like music to Mama’s ears

And Mama’s heart is again berbunga2 listening at the background of how you enjoy your online classes with your teachers and friends!🥰🌷

And kudos to all teachers in Brainy Bunch for doing their best to make the online classes as fun, interactive and educational as much as you can!

We known it is not easy for both teachers and students.

But as Muslims, we firmly know that with every hardship there is ease promised by Allah!

Allah knows Best!

So fret not and enjoy your online classes, Tariq!

As much as Mama enjoys having you learning at home, again! 😍😍😍

Alhamdulillah 💕💕💕

Thank you Allah!

Yes!! said Tariq while punching his hands into the air!

One two three..

Oh my God........ I am confuse Ustaz... 🤣

Tariq watching a Science Video

Relax mode....