Tariq's other Food : Inspirational Story as a Parent


Last week Tuesday, a day before lockdown MCO started in Malaysia , I decided to take Tariq for a book shopping spree at his 2 favourite bookstores!


Coz when Malaysian Government announced that some states will be locked down, the first thing that crossed my mind was one of the mistakes I did during last year 2020 total lockdown period.

I stocked up some food, groceries etc.

But I completely forgot to stock up and neglected Tariq's other food - his books!!🥴🥴🥴

Yes we did buy online, but book worms out there knows that buying books online does not give the same satisfaction of smelling, touching and scanning thru the books!, 😅

So, armed with our face masks and hand sanitizers, we walked into the bookstores minding our social distancing and made Tariq a very happy boy!

Alhamdulillah!! 🥰🥰

I told Tariq what my dad used to say to me, my brother and my sister whenever he took us to bookstores...

... Take whatever book you want to read...🥰📗📘📙📚📚📒📓📕📔📖

And that, Tariq did!, 💖

Little reader Tariq came back with 2 months worth of books to read ranging from Prophets Stories, his companions stories, battle stories all the way to modern fictions like Treehouse, Dogman, Tom Gates etc etc.

Great selection, Tariq, alhamdulillah!!

Mama so proud of your book choices, alhamdulillah!!

MashaAllah TabarakAllah!! 💖

Now, inshaAllah Tariq is ready to be locked down with his books at home! 😂💖😍

At first bookstore - we were the only customers there 😍

At second bookstore - there are only a few people there

MashaAllah! Love your choices sayang!

Lovely choices!

Scanning thru the books before making his choices

Tariq holding his 'candies' in his hands at one of his favourite 'candy store' 😍

Spoilt for choices! 🥰🥰