First Day of School in 2021 : Inspirational Story as a Parent


Yesterday was Tariq’s first day of schooling for year 2021.

And he is now officially a Year 5 student, alhamdulillah!! 🎉🎊

When I received the news that Brainy Bunch will reopen its physical school on the 6th if January 2021, personally, I wasn’t too happy about it.

It was simply because the year end holiday was supposed to be 4 weeks but was cut short to 2 weeks only!

We had to re-planned everything due to this changes.

And I had holiday blues..😅

But when I see Tariq happy face entering the car after his full day in school yesterday, excitedly sharing with me his newly acquired Islamic Knowledge shared by his beloved Ustaz Muhammad Ashik, I couldn’t be happier!🥰🥰🥰

Also, on the first day of school, Tariq and his classmates were tasked to find 2 male staff/teachers and  share with them about the Greatness of Allah!!💕

MashaAllah TabarakAllah!!

His training as Allah’s Daie has began as promised by Brainy Bunch year 2021 manifesto!

Thank you Brainy Bunch! 🎉

Yes sayang..

Mama wish you had a longer holidays.

Mama wish you can stay at home with me.

Mama wish we can continue playing our congkak during lunch time.

But truly, equipping you with tools and knowledge for success in both worlds are much more important.

So have fun learning in school, sayang!

Mama and Baba always have you in our duaas

Indeed we plan, but Allah is the Best Planner!

First pose in front of Brainy Bunch as Year 5 student😍

Cheeky face about to enter his class! 😂

Tariq with his classmates and Aunty Shu and Ustaz Ashik

Morning before going to school😘

Tariq so excited sharing with me what he learn in school😍 Alhamdulillah

Tired but a happy satisfied face Alhamdulillah 😍

Entering the car

With Mama 💕 I will miss you sayang!

Baba giving Tariq some words of advice for his first day of school... main advice is don’t eat too much during breakfast and lunch!!! 😂😂😂