The Making of Mini Dr Hamid : Inspirational Story as a Parent


That day we asked Tariq if he would like to learn surgery and as expected, he excitedly said YES!!

So last weekend, we embarked in our family project called ‘The Making of Mini Dr Hamid!’😂😂

MashaAllah TabarakAllah!💖💖💖

Tariq’s Baba, the teacher was as excited as Tariq, the student!

I guess it is just natural process when a father passed down his knowledge to his son.

This was how it was done since centuries ago anyway.

A father’s skills, traits, wisdom and knowledge were naturally passed down to their sons.

Who says we have to wait for Tariq to be in Medical School to start learning how to do surgical suturing, right?

As parents, we believe that we must take back the power of our children’s education.

We should teach them what we want them to learn at the age that we determine, inshaAllah!

We shouldn’t put our own doubt, pessimism and limitations unto our children.

Let them gain the knowledge of what they want to learn at whatever age they may be at.

We just need be their best supporter and believer in their abilities and dreams.

So to our young surgeon-to-be, Baba and Mama don’t know what your path will be and what Allah has planned for your future, but we are surely thankful to Allah that you are always learning and learning something new every single day, Alhamdulillah ya Rabb!!

Tariq and Baba with Tariq’s first suturing board

Baba demonstrating the suturing technique

A very happy ‘surgical’ student!

Baba guiding Tariq how to handle a needle holder

Tariq doing the suturing. MashaAllah!

Tariq’s first knot!!! MashaAllah TabarakAllah!! Well done Tariq!!

Tariq doing the suturing using the needle holder and the forceps