Straight as an Arrow : Inspirational Story as a Parent


Tariq's arrows kinda went bersepah2 all over the place after a hiatus from his training due to Covid 19.

But that day, his arrow shooting got better, alhamdulillah! 🥰🥰

Almost all got grouped quite close together, alhamdulillah!

Training archery is not like any other training.

Archers were trained to take their arrows in Allah's name, lock their arrows with intention and submitting duaa to Allah, make every pull as their best effort and release their arrows and have tawakkal and redha with Allah's decision where their arrows landed.

SubhanAllah MashaAllah,

This is the subtle training that I love the most about archery.

To drill into Tariq total reliance and total submission in Allah for everything that he does, inshaAllah

May Tariq continue to be steadfast and Istiqamah in his archery training, Aamiin ya Rabb!


He who shoots an arrow in the way of Allah, whether it falls short or reaches its target, his reward for his arrow shall be as the reward for freeing of four people of the sons of Ismail, had he freed them



Tariq pulling his arrow 2

Bismillah Allahul Haqq! 🥰🥰

Alhamdulillah! Only when you let go and trust Allah, things will be better, sayang