The Many Reason for Reading : Inspirational Story as a Parent


Read, instruct Allah to our beloved Prophet Muhammad SAW (and us)

Allahumma Solli ‘ala Sayyidina Muhammad

And from the many genre to read from, one of mine and Tariq’s favourite type of books is the one that amuses us, makes us laugh and giggle.

So when we found a book titled ‘F in Exams - The Best Test Paper Blunders’, we couldn’t resist buying it.

Of course, Tariq’s Baba freaks out to see us buying that book!

... What?? F in Exams?? Don’t buy!! Don’t buy!!, he said


Relax, Baba..

Who can resist buying a book that shared an answer from a student when asked..,

 Q : How can you prevent milk turning sour?

 A : Keep it in the cow.

Keep it in the cow??!!!


Tergolek2 LOL me and Tariq laughing together, while his serious dad, not even amused by that quirky answer and cannot understand why Tariq and me are laughing non-stop!

Indeed there are many reasons why Prophet Muhammad asked us to read.

Some to being us closer to Allah...

Some to heal our heart and soul...

Some to expand our mind..

Some to let us explore new things..

Some to make us think...

While some, just to make us laugh and release the happy hormones serontonin, dopamine, oxytocin and endorphins into our body!

And this book did just that!


.... Keep it in the cow....

How can we ever resist this book?