The Creative Mind of a Child : Inspirational Story as a Parent



Yesterday I was marking Tariq’s worksheet.

After a few pages, I arrived at the page in the picture below.

It was just so hilarious!!

Tariq drew 5 stickmen on the TEXT and each of them have their own story!🥰

Can you see them?

One is standing on top of a podium like a champion embracing the love he receives from his fans.

2nd stickman seems nervously balancing himself trying to cross the high ropes.

3rd one just took a joyful dive into the swimming pool.

4th man is happily sitting on a wall like Humpty Dumpty waiting to fall!

And the 5th stickman is standing at the edge of the cliff, contemplating whether or not he should jump into the sea!

MashaAllah TabarakAllah, Tariq! 💞

You made my day, sayang! 😘😘😘

This is what is so great about children’s mind.

They are born as geniuses, MashaAllah!

We adults see the page as simply as a piece of paper that have the words ‘THIS IS A BLANK PAGE’

But our children see something else. They see something different. Something extra.

And the sources of these extras are what we should preserve in them.

Their creativity. Their powerful right brain. Their curiosity. Their exploring nature. Their imagination.

And how do we do this?

Well, we let them play. Get them off the gadgets. Let them be out in the nature. Socialize with other children. Actively introduce new things to them. Get them books. Travel. Take them to museums. Go picnic by the beach. Get excited when they are excited such as when they see things like worms!

Encourage them. Laugh with them. Love them. Have conversations with them. Have fun with them.  Enjoy their genius.

And let go of our perfections. Our expectations.

If we can do this as long as we can, our children’s right brain will continue to be massaged and grow and not overtaken by their left brain too fast too soon (& killing their creativity and imagination along the way), inshaAllah!

Thank you my love for this sketches of yours. It means the world to me.

Mama feels like I want to enlarge this A4 paper into the size of our home wall and frame it!

As it will always remind me of this happy creative cheeky imaginative  little boy you are!🤩🤩🤩