Sewing Class : Inspirational Story as a Parent


Yesterday, Tariq had his Brainy Bunch APL online class.

And Tariq sewed something for the first time in his life!

MashaAllah TabarakAllah!🥰

Even if it is just on a piece of paper!

It still counts! Hihi

APL is Advanced Practical LifeSkills subject in his school.

This subject teaches Tariq many much needed life skills such as how to cook, how to plant greens, how to hatch chicken eggs, art & craft and this week.... how to sew!!

Being the son of a mother who would send to the alteration shop for the smallest thing, I am so happy Tariq had this class!

When I showed him how to insert the fine thread into the super small hole of the needle,

Tariq said, Wahhh... Terer la, Mama..!


See how Tariq has NEVER seen me use the needle?

Seeing Tariq so focused sewing, it reminded me of the story of our beloved Prophet Muhammad SAW who would do his own sewing on his torn clothes etc. 

So when I told Tariq that he is acquiring one of the skills that Prophet Muhammad has, Tariq's face shine as bright as the stars!

Yes, sayang, Prophet Muhammad SAW  is indeed a wonderful man we must follow, MashaAllah TabarakAllah.

So continue to improve your sewing!

And Mama prays that your sewing will be so neat as your Baba's refine stiches on his patients, Aamiin!


Tariq carefully pulling the thread

Careful sayang.. Yes follow the outline of the love shape on the paper

Well done MashaAllah TabarakAllah!! This look so amazing for a first timer MashaAllah TabarakAllah 🥰🥰