Lesson from History : Inspirational Story as a Parent


Tariq has some Arabic writing exercise.

It is just a page a day but Tariq didnt do it for the past few days.

Meaning he has a couple of pages to complete.

So today morning,  Tariq started on his Arabic exercise.

As he was about to finish, Tariq asked me...

.... Mama.., can Tariq do the last page later...?

.... Tariq, did you see Osman Bey sneaked into the Byzantine’s Castle halfway, defeated some soldiers and then say.., let’s go home now... we come back tomorrow and finish our task...

... Or Osman Bey went all the way and captured the whole castle and completed his task..?

... Osman completed his task Mama..., answered Tariq

So what must you do now..?, I asked him

....Tariq must complete my task.., said Tariq and immediately continued his work.

Atta Boy!


That is one of the lessons you learn from Kurulus Osman, MashaAllah TabarakAllah!💖💖💖