Alternative Words : Inspirational Story as a Parent


Tariq was reading his favorite Science Comic and suddenly blurted out the question:

Mama..., what is the difference between feces, stool and poop?...

Asked Tariq with a very cheeky yet curious face.


What a question at 7.30am in the morning, Mr Tariq!


Lucky for me, his Baba was just there to answer that question... phew...

Tariq.., said his Baba.., they are all the same thing..

... Feces is a scientific term or medical term doctors always use, stool is also a medical term but also commonly used by laymen... while poop is used by babies...

Okay, I will use poop then coz I am a baby!!!, claimed Tariq happily

Hahaha. Okay la sayang. Baby pun baby la. As long as you are happy, Alhamdulillah 🥰

And I just pondered.

Information is so easy for kids nowadays.

I don’t remember any alternative words to poop until I was well into secondary school! 😅

Tariq’s favourite Science Comic

Look at that cheeky face asking the cheeky question!