Curious Thinker : Inspirational Story as a Parent


I was sitting near Tariq that day when he was having his online class.

His teacher was explaining about the various fish types at Amazon River.

And the name Piranha came up.

What is Piranha, teacher?, asked Tariq

You know, Piranha is a type of fish that eat meat, very aggressive and it has razor sharp teeth..... ! , his teacher explained excitedly while showing pictures of Piranha while giving Tariq more information on Piranha.

They still exist until now ke teacher? asked Tariq curiously

Yes Tariq. It still exist until now.

Teacher, asked Tariq... if Piranha is very aggressive and eat meat,
why didn’t they eat each other into extinction??!


Talk about being curious and thinking outside the box! 😂

Terkedu kejap his teacher.

Tariqsayang, FYI, only human ever willing to kill its own kind... animals don’t do that in animal kingdom... (I said this in my heart, not his teacher!😅)