Tawakkul : Inspirational Story as a Parent

From this to this...
Yesterday Tariq participated in a Tug of War competition in school.
As the holder of Gold Medal in this event previous years, he expected to win.
But Allah planned it differently, MashaAllah.
Tariq's team lost.
And he didn't take it well.
I reminded him that all that matters in life is his effort.
And how he responds and reacts to things and circumstances that Allah plans for him. 
I reminded him that the result in everything that he does is in Allah's hand.
Always and forever.
Tariq just need to do your best, and accept and redha of Allah's decision on the results, sayang...
And don't worry about the results, because Allah knows best.
He is the Best Planner.
Trust Him.
It may not be easy to do especially when Tariq wants something so badly.
And Tariq put in your best effort. You did your best. 
Mama knows you did your best because Mama saw your effort.
But, trust in Allah's Plan, you must. 
So chin up, sayang.., I said to him while at the same time, thanking Allah for this wonderful opportunity to teach Tariq a critical lesson in life.
Alhamdulillah ya Rabb! 💗💗💗


A happy, cheerful and hopeful Tariq in the morning.
Can see Tariq's defeated body posture... You did your best sayang... That is all that matters.