Perseverance : Inspirational Story as a Parent

Just before MCO, Tariq underwent his Ninja Grading.

And last week, Tariq finally received his Certificate of Ranking from his beloved Sensei Marc Marcel Fabian for passing his Ninja Grading done end of February, Alhamdulillah!!
Congrats, Sayang!!
Tariq started his training as Ninja around 5 years ago.
He went from No Belt, to White Belt, to Yellow Belt, to Orange Belt and just received his Blue Belt.
This is one of the main trainings I want Tariq to go thru, InshaAllah 
I believe all children must learn this too.
It is called perseverance. 
Everything in life needs perseverance before achieving excellence.
And I always reminded Tariq the Story on How to Eat an Elephant!
We eat it bit by bit. We never eat an elephant all at one time.
And this is what Tariq is continuously learning and understanding, InshaAllah.
To achieve something big, you must do it bit by bit, continuously, consistently.
And to achieve something, one of the principles is Perseverance.
Well done my Lion!!
Mama and Baba are so happy and proud of you!💗💗💗
Alhamdulillah MashaAllah TabarakAllah!! 💕💕💕🎉🎊
P/s: Ninja Blue Belt grading consist of 5 different assessments as below:
Assessment 1- Unarmed mastery:-
Defensive patterns. Shadow 1 to 4
Assessment 2- Movement Master:-
Avoidance, Jumping and Rolling. Ability to fall safely in combat situation.
Assessment 3- Application:-
Demonstration of techniques in self defense situation. 
Assessment 4- Weapons mastery:-
Sword striking and defense techniques
Assessment 5- Weapon Mastery :-
Sword practical:-
Free sparring strategies and practical test.

Tariq vs Nazeer in their grading under Free Sparring Sword Assessment.

Tariq receiving his Ninja Certificate of Rank for Blue Belt

Sword pattern grading

MashaAllah, we are so proud of you boys!!

Sword Grading

Ninja Defense Grading
Tariq’s comrades who received their Certificate of Rank last week. Congrats kids!!!🎊