It's The Little Things : Inspirational Story as a Parent

Mama..., I have something for youuu.., said Tariq smiling happily while holding a flower in between his two tiny fingers.

MashaAllah TabarakAllah!! 🌸🌷🌼🌻🌺

Oh how my heart glows with joy and happiness, alhamdulillah! πŸ’–πŸ’–

Every now and then, Tariq will bring me flowers.

Not the ones purchased from the florist. Nope.

These flowers came from the path or walkway Tariq passed by before reaching me.

And I am always the happiest every time he bring me those tiny little flowers.


Because I know that Tariq is starting to learn and understand the value and pleasure of 'little things' and 'little gestures' in life.

And because I want Tariq to understand that in everything, it is the thought and kind & loving gestures that counts the most.

Because not everything must be expressed with bling2 and dollars and cents.

Because for him to pluck those flowers for me, means he was thinking of me.

And knowing that I was on his mind, is enough to make me happy.

And for him to pluck that flower for me, it means he understood how to show his love in the simplest but in deep meaningful way.

MashaAllah TabarakAllah, sayang.

May you keep finding joy in little things & little gestures in life.

May Allah keep your heart pure and full of love.

May you keep doing the little things and little gestures and actions that bring bountiful joy to others.

Aamiin ya Rabb! πŸ’—

This is for you, Mama...

Mama, Tariq took this for you..

Here is a beautiful dandelion for you, Mama..

When I saw this flower, Tariq took it for you, Mama..