First Horseback Archery Assessment : Inspirational Story as a Parent

Last week on Malaysia Day, 16th September, Tariq had his very first Horseback Archery Assessment.

And he passed alhamdulillah!!! 
The assessment consist of 2 parts and was judged by no other than Coach Akmal Dahalan, Malaysia's very own Gold Medalist for Horseback Archery! 😍
First part was Tariq had to shoot on target 10 arrows in 40 seconds.
Speed shooting is critical as archers on speeding horses do not have much time to release their arrows thus speed is essential.
And Tariq did it in 38.60 seconds MashaAllah TabarakAllah Alhamdulillah!! 😍😍😍
It took Tariq three attempts.
On first attempt, Tariq's 7th arrow missed its target.
On the second attempt, Tariq's 8th arrow missed its target.
Tariq started to stressed out and had to calm himself down and took time to refocus by remembering what Bismillah - Allahul - Haq means to archers.
And on his third attempt, all his arrows hit its target under 40 secs, alhamdulillah!
All 10 arrows in 38.60 seconds MashaAllah Alhamdulillah!! 
For the second part of the assessment, Tariq had to show all 3 forms of Horseback Archery - front shooting, side shooting and back shooting.
And Tariq did it beautifully, MashaAllah TabarakAllah!
Thank you so much Coach Akmal and all Coaches at Ladang Alam Warisan Stable for training Tariq! 
Mama and Baba so proud of you, sayang alhamdulillah!!
It was so wonderful to see the sparkle in your eyes that reflects the great joy in your heart when you passed.
May your every arrow reaches its intended target.💗
And may Allah continue to bless you for being part of reviving our beloved Prophet's Prophetic sunnah.

Mama so nervous especially at his 7th and 10th arrows when Tariq seems to have difficulty locking his arrow to his bow

Beautiful back shooting form MashaAllah

Tariq with his beloved Coach Akmal and Abu Bakr, his comrade

You did it!!! 38.60sec! Alhamdulillah

On target alhamdulillah 😍🎯

Tariq doing his form beautifully alhamdulillah! 🥰🥰