Becoming the Best Person : Inspirational Story as a Parent

This morning while we were driving to school, Tariq finished his latest book, MashaAllah TabarakAllah!🤩

The book title is ‘The Daughters of Prophet Muhammad’.

After sharing some of the amazing stories from the book and how those Prophet’s daughters inspire him, Tariq said to me..,

..... Mama, Tariq thinks Tariq wants to make duaa to Allah.....

.... What duaa, sayang?...., I got curious

..... Tariq wants to duaa that Allah give Tariq a wife who has the combination of Prophet’s wife Khadijah, Prophet’s daughters Fatima, Ruqayyah and Zainab..’

....Ey MashaAllah...! Mama will pray for you too, sayang..’, Aamiin.., I replied with full amazement of what Tariq said

.... But you know something sayang..., I continued

.... If Tariq wants a wife who has the combination of Khadijah, Fatimah, Ruqayyah and Zainab...

.... Then Tariq must be a man who has the combination of Prophet Muhammad, Saidina Ali, Saidina Othman and Abu al’Aas..., I said

What??!!, shrieked Tariq


Keluar his peluh sejuk!

Yes my darling, Tariq. How can you want the best but you are not ready to be the best person for your wife?


I could see Tariq’s head spinning trying to figure out what I said.


Okay okay Mama... cancel cancel... let me think again about my duaa, said Tariq giggling away

Think, sayang, think!

More often than not, we always ask Allah for what we feel is best for us, without realizing that we must also change and strive to be ready for what we asked Allah for...

MashaAllah TabarakAllah...

Thank you Allah for such an interesting conversation with my Tariq so early in the morning🥰🥰🥰

What?? Oh no... hihihi... Tariq giggling away knowing what ‘trouble’ he just landed himself into this morning..

The book that sparks Tariq’s mind!