School Post MCO : Inspirational Story as a Parent

 Today marks Tariq's first day of physically going to his beloved school after 4 months of online learning!

And Mama's first day not having you around 24/7 after 4 months!

It feels like the first day of school in January because Mama had to buy you a brand new set of uniform!

The ones you had before MCO cannot fit anymore! 😅


Despite the new SOP by the Ministry...

Despite Mama's feelings that the new SOP will definitely strangled and ripped many of your joy and happiness while learning and socializing in school...

... Mama prays that you will be able to adapt and make the best out of it, sayang..

May your be blessed with beneficial knowledge that brings you closer to Allah..

See you in 8 hours time, inshaAllah!😘

Mama can't wait to hear your first day experience! 🥰🥰

Preparing his bags following the school pack list given by Brainy Bunch

Every student must have this pass before allowed to enter the school

So happy going to school

A new uniform sebab the old one couldn't fit him anymore😅

Back to routine!

Hmmm... This feel strange, Mama...

Making sure his Health Declaration Form is in order

Cars queueing at Entrance 2 to drop off the Elementary and High School students

Uncle checking Tariq's temperature before drop off point

Getting out of the car..

Uncle checking Tariq's Student Pass

Bye sayang.. See you in 8 hours time.. Mama miss you already!!! 🥰🥰