Rizq is Promised by Allah : Inspirational Story as a Parent


Jumaat Mubarak everyone!🥰

That day I was listening to an FB Live sharing by my dearest friend Fatin Pauzi in our private FB group whilst in the car with Tariq.

Tariq got very excited when he heard Aunty Atin said that one of the best charity is to give to parents!💖

... Okay Mama.., when Tariq become big and work, Tariq will give to you and Baba money.., he said while grinning

... MashaAllah TabarakAllah.. Thank you, sayang.., I replied with a glowing heart

... But you know, Tariq  can start giving even from now.. no need to wait until you work..., I said

... How Mama?..  Tariq asked all curious

... Well, from whatever you save from your daily allowance or if someone give you money...all those money are yours...

...  so you can donate a bit to Mama and Baba.. one ringgit maybe.. or two or ten ringgit.. up to you..

... and when you give and donate, you ask Allah to increase your rezki so you can give Mama and Baba and other people more and more.., I said to Tariq

... Ohhh... Okay Mama, from now on, Tariq will sadaqah to Mama and Baba  some money.. Tariq will take from my coin box!.., said Tariq with twinkle in his eyes 😍

MashaAllah TabarakAllah.

Being in a circle that always remind us of Allah truly benefits not only myself, but also my son.

Thank you Allah for this amazing rezki of friends that I have surrounding me 💗💗💗

And to all my friends out there, please start giving to your parents as the reward is promised by Allah.

Lets make it a habit to give them often be it weekly or monthly.

Lets strive to make them happy thru our giving.

InshaAllah, we will see the reward that is so amazing, promised by the Owner of the everything that exists. 💕