Not the Short Ones : Inspirational Story as a Parent



It is getting harder for me to 'trick' Tariq nowadays as his Islamic knowledge got deeper.

I was getting sleepy so I paused my Quranic recitation just now to tell Tariq that soon we both need to go to sleep.

Mama, how many more Surahs you want to read?

2 only, inshaAllah,.. I told him

Can you read 3 Surahs please... Tariq wants to finish my book first.., pleaded Tariq

Sure...., Mama will read 3 Surahs, I answered will a big smile...

... Pinky promise?

... Yes Pinky Promise, I told him.

Of course in my head, I already know the 3rd Surah I will be reciting is Surah Al Ikhlas!

5 seconds later, he turned to me and said..,

... But NOT the short Surahs okay Mama!!! Read the looooong ones!

Immediately I burst out laughing.

OmG!! How did he know?

Caught me red handed!

I need to be cleverer than him next time around!

MashaAllah TabarakAllah!!! 🥰🥰