Reasons for Not Sleeping After Sahur and Fajr Prayer : Inspirational Story as a Parent


Sleeping after Sahur and Solat Fajr is a big NO NO for me. ❌❌❌

As a distraction, I allow Tariq  to watch his favourite channels - Nat Geo Wild and Animal Planet!🐂🐃🐄🐏🐑🐐🐇🐔🦃

And after 5 days of watching these channels, this morning Tariq said to me..

... Mama, you know... Tariq want to be a Veterinary Surgeon, Farmer and Businessman, inshaAllah!

... Tariq wants to own an Animal Hospital where I can treat sick animals, also a pet shop so I can sell the pets to children and make them happy...

... Tariq wants to have a big farm with a house in the middle so Mama and Baba can stay with Tariq..

... On my farm I want to have my pet shop and my Animal Hospital and also breed horses, sheep,  deer, cattles, cows..then I can sell them too...

SubhanAllah MashaAllah TabarakAllah...

Fasting generates new cells in our body and Mama so grateful and happy that your body's new cells are receiving and storing this new information! 🥰🥰


Yes, my darling!


That sounds like an awesome plan!!

Make duaa to Allah especially in this Holy Month.

Nothing is impossible!!!

Make duaa and stay focus in all that you want to do, my darling ! 🥰😘

InshaAllah He will give you what is best for you! 💗❤


The negative effect on our brain and body as a result of sleeping after Fajr such toxin accumulation in our body, dehydration of our body and brain, food we just ate wont be processed etc.

I also want to have a pet shop so children can have pets and be happy🥰

Tariq wants to have house in the middle of my farm so Mama and Baba can stay with me...

My animal hospital will treat all animals and if they need surgery, Tariq will perform surgery on them