Your Children's Voices : Inspirational Story as a Parent


Yes, disappear for 5 seconds and I can hear Tariq's voice using his Do-Re-Me musical notes calling me! 😂

I am sure many mummies at home are facing the same thing!

And after Day 10 adhering to Malaysian Government MCO (Movement Control Order) and Day 10 to answering Tariq's musical calling, I too, started using my musical notes..😅

Mostly high pitch ones!!


But in all honesty, I am so thankful to Allah every time I hear Tariq's voice💕

Especially in this global Coronavirus-19 crisis.

Because I know somewhere out there, there are mummies who would do anything just to be able to hear their children's voices again...

So, to mummies & daddies out there, every time any of our cutie pies starts to make us use our high pitch musical voice, just remember this..

That life without them, is not something we want to experience... 😢

May Allah keep us all safe, strong and healthy, and cure our ill ones, Aamiin..,


Tariq trying to save himself from me by making his cheeky cute face!!