Reading in Unexpected Places : Inspirational Story as a Parent


This is how Tariq is when he finds a book!

MashaAllah, TabrakAllah!

Cannot stop reading and would just continue reading.

Regardless of where he is..

If Grandpa is still alive, he would be so proud of you, sayang

And Mama's guess is, he would be sitting right next to you, reading books together.

He will be your reading-buddy!

And you both will spend hours in bookstores and book fairs too!

May you continue to love books and enjoy the company of books and benefit from the knowledge you acquired and gained from the books you read, Aamiin!

In the middle of a hotel lobby, while waiting for Baba checked in..

At the grocer with our trolley, while waiting for Mama weight some fruits..

Mama found you sitting on the floor (yikes!!!) while waiting for Baba queuing

Even while walking in between the aisle.. aiyo... can you put down that book for like 2 mins???

This is a Maths Problem that is soo interesting that both Maths Addict in the family cannot resist solving it together! Mama as usual.. only right brain working creatively.. hihi...