A Young Motivational Speaker in the Making : Inspirational Story as a Parent


That day, Tariq was having lunch with his beloved cousins, Nazeer and Kakak White Rose.

Then Kakak White Rose who is an amazing Silat warrior mentioned how sad she felt when she lost in one of her competitions.

Before I could say anything, Tariq suddenly said,

... Kak Lang, don't feel sad.. You know..

.... Bill Gates said, I failed in my exam but my friend passed.  Now he is an engineer of Microsoft and I am the owner.  So Bill Gates meaning, doesn't mean fail one time, you can fail all the time. Bill Gates fail in his exam, but he still can be the owner of Microsoft. And his friend, be the engineer even though his friend passed the exam. Then Bill Gates means, If you fail one time, it doesn't mean you can fail all the time. If you fail one time, it means you can also rise up again another time...

MashaAllah TabarakAllah sayang!!!

Mama's heart jumped with joy listening to your motivational pep talk!!


So yes, sayang. Everything you say is true.

Failure is not permanent. Bill Gates showed an excellent example!

Well done my love!

Mama prays that you remember this always


Tariq passionately explaning how failure is not permanent to his Kakak White Rose

Bill Gates said..

Do you understand, Mama? Tariq had his knowing face on! Hahaha

Mama was so flabbergasted hearing Tariq's wise words MashaAllah TabarakAllah sayang.