Priority as a Muslim : Inspirational Story as a Parent


The picture below is really special for me.💞

I snapped it during one of Tariq’s Swimming class at night which starts at 7.30pm.

Firstly, It demonstrates the beauty of living in Malaysia.

A land where people from different beliefs, backgrounds, cultures live together with love, harmony, respect and understanding.

I took this picture right after Azan Maghrib when Tariq and his Muslim swimmer friends performed their Maghrib prayers beside the pool.

His swimmer friends from other beliefs played their Beyblade while waiting for them to compete their prayers! 🤩

Then they started their land exercises together!

MashaAllah TabarakAllah 🥰

Secondly, I love it when Tariq and friends showed that Muslims can pray just about anywhere.

As long as the place is clean, they can pray.

Thirdly, it shows that no matter how our schedule is, prayers is number one.

Performing prayers is the priority in a Muslim’s life.

The children in these pictures will grow up with unique understanding of how to respect another’s belief.

And how to accommodate one another.

And perhaps one day they will be able to tell the same stories that my father used to share with me.

His glory days when his friends came from different races and beliefs, and how they are so closed like brothers, and how they enjoyed one another’s company.

I pray that Tariq and his friends will continue that beautiful legacy of what Malaysia  can continue to be..